Battlefield 4 Collectibles: Dog Tags And Weapons Locations

Looking where to find all the dog tags in Battlefield 4? Look no further! This guide will tell you all the locations you need to go to.

There are several Dog Tags littered throughout Battlefield 4’s campaign mode. Whenever you’re near a collectible Dog Tag, you will hear a sound similar to the one that plays when you acquire a new weapon or when you’re awarded with a medal.

In this guide, we’ll cover all the locations where you can find all the dog tags in the game along with some weapons. For your convenience, we have arranged them in order in which you will find them in the game.

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Dog Tag #1 – Nice Play

Location: First room on the right of the passage at the very start of the game (during the tutorial). The Dog Tag is pinned to a bulletin board on the left wall with a knife.

Weapon #1 = M39 EMR

Location: The first weapon can be found once the player reaches the schoolyard. Simply head up the broken stairs to the left of the courtyard and follow the path above to locate the M39 EMR inside a broken locker.

Dog Tag #2 – One Way Trip

Location: The second dog tag can be found near the courtyard, during the C4 tutorial. Instead of jumping down into the room where the weapon cache is, jump over the hole. The tags can be collected from the shutters of the middle window.

Weapon #2 – MG4

The second weapon can be found right before you reach the Factory Roof. It’ll be in a concrete pipe toward the left side of the construction area.

Weapon #3 – CBJ-MS

Location: The third and final weapon is also found before you reach the roof of the factory. From the construction area, go to the left side of the and locate the yellow ramp. Use it to go up and jump onto the metallic bridge. The weapon will be on the bridge.

Dog Tag #3 – Sergeant Dunn

Location: The final Dog Tag in Baku can be obtained after the sequence where the building collapses on your squad. The Dog Tag is on the co-pilot seat of the crashed helicopter and must be obtained before getting into the car.

Dog Tag #4 – One Man Riot

Location: The first Dog Tag is close to the place where your squad spawns at the beginning of the mission. Head down the alleyway and go left at the end. The tags will be hanging on a door with a glowing red light.

Dog Tag #5 – Going Up

Location: At the start of the ‘Lobby Assault’ sequence, look over the elevator. The tags should be easy to spot.

Weapon #4 – QBS-09

Location: The first of the two weapons is found in a room behind the area with the previous Dog Tag. Simply head left and enter the storage room near the counter. The QBS-09 will be located by the locker at the far end of the room.

Weapon #5 – RFB

Location: The RFB is found in the VIP area. It’ll be right by the feet of the statue in the middle of the room.

Dog Tag #6 – Business Casual

Location: Right at the end of the tank chase, you’ll find yourself in a back alley. The Dog Tag can be found on a gate behind a tree there, which should be to your right at the end of the chase.

Dog Tag #7 – Carcharodon

Location: In the first hallway at the start of the level, head up to the two men standing close to the red lights at the end. Just before you reach them, you’ll find a barracks room to your right. The Dog Tag is on the top bunk.

Weapon #6 – P90

Location: After getting the objective to reach the USS Titan, follow your team until you spot a door that has a sign that says ‘open’. Go inside and follow the hallway all the way to the end to locate the P90 on top of a crate.

Dog Tag #8 – Lord of the Waves

Location: This set of tags is underwater. During the swimming trials, follow your squad mates to the room in which you resurface. The Dog Tag will be by the rubble pile next to the green-lit door adjacent to the entrance to the room.

Weapon #7 – U100-MK5

Location: After you reach the deck, go to the middle of it (where you’ll spot a jet rolling down into the sea) enter the area that leads down and follow the hallway. Take a left when you reach a white door and head straight to pick up the U100=MK5.

Weapon #8 – SPAS 12

Location: The third and final weapon is found as you’re making your way to the bridge. It’ll be inside one of the helicopters in the helicopter hangar.

Dog Tag #9 – Agent Kovic

Location: After rescuing Hannah; instead of following your squad-mates, go right towards the crashed helicopter on the deck. The dog tags are on the co-pilot seat in Battlefield 4.

Dog Tag #10 – Horizontal Rain

Location: At the beach; right at the beginning of the level, you’ll find a boat. Make your way over to the side of the boat facing the water and you’ll find the Dog Tag there.

Weapon #9 – SCAR-H SV

Location: The first weapon can be found on the scaffolding underneath the Changi Airport sign. Simply climb up the Scaffolding and continue forward until you come upon a broken section. Jump below and follow the path to find the weapon.

Weapon #10 – M240B

Location: For the next weapon, go to the second floor of the car parking complex. There you’ll notice several crates. Use them to get on top of the structure next to them and follow the path to jump onto the next building to pick up the M240B.

Dog Tag #11 – Armored Column

Location: Continue along the mission and you’ll reach a club where Hannah and Irish start arguing. Walk around to the other side of the bar with red stools. Look down and you’ll find the tags on the floor.

Weapon #11 – M16A4

Location: The third and final weapon is located near the jet hangar. Once you enter the hangar, enter the small room on the left side of the area. The M16A4 will be next to a locker.

Dog Tag #12 – Grounded Dog

Location: The last tag is on the blue and white plane inside the hangar. Hop on to its left wing using the ramp nearby and make your way to the plane’s body. The Dog Tag will be on the door.

Dog Tag #13 – Cage Fighter

Location: After meeting with Irish again after breaking him out, make your way to the holding cells in the next room to your right. Go to the last cell. The Dog Tag should be inside, on the left wall.

Dog Tag #14 – Freedom at Any Cost

Location: This Dog Tag can be acquired by proceeding up the catwalk and scaling the wall to the left from the room where you must protect Dima while he hacks the control room. The tags are stuck to an electrical box with a knife.

Weapon #12 – 338-Recon

Location: After the prison section, follow the path underneath the bridge then take a left to find the 338-Recon on the ground.

Dog Tag #15 – Shaw-Shanked Redemption

Location: You can find the last set of dog tags for this mission under the tram platform, during the encounter at the tram bridge in Battlefield 4.

Weapon #13 – A=91

Location: At the start of the mission, enter the house on your left and take the stairs up to reach the roof. Go to the end of the roof and jump down onto the roof below to pick up the A-91.

Weapon #14 – M249

Location: Inside the park area, there will be a destroyed car next to a tree. The M249 will be found between them.

Weapon #15 – AEK-971

Location: After crossing Old Town via the bridge, climb up to the top of the main building nearby. The Weapon will be on top of a stack of boxes next to a fence.


Sometimes the AEK-971 glitches out, with only parts of it visible, so look carefully.

Dog Tag #16 – Destruction Enthusiast

Location: This set of dog tags is inside a blue, destructible truck in Battlefield 4. This can be located right in front of the building with the blue blankets above its staircase. During the bridge encounter, destroy the truck, climb into the back, and grab the Dog Tag.

Dog Tag #17 – Upstream Swimmer

Location: After the helicopter encounter, climb up using the ladder to the left. Once at the top, jump over to the black scaffolding, the Dog Tag should be on it.

Dog Tag #18 – The Rebel

Location: During the flight deck encounter, get to the white plane by scaling its right wing. Once on the body, make your way to the back. The tags should be stuck into its side with a knife.

Weapon #16 – AK 5C

Location: While on the ship, head to the port side opposite of where the burning rubble is. The Weapon is lying there on the ground.

Dog Tag #19 – Fleet Guardian

Location: Once you reach the infirmary inside Valkyrie, look at the beds during the Jin Jie speech. The final set of tags is on one of them.

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