Battlefield 2021 Is Not Bad Company 3 According to Leak

A new leak suggests that Battlefield 2021 is a modern era shooter that is, sadly, not Bad Company 3. Will include drones, robots and more.

Battlefield is getting a new installment to the franchise, although it won’t be anytime soon. A new leak suggests that Battlefield 2021 is in active development. Sadly enough, it won’t be Bad Company 3, as sources have claimed in the past. However, there’s some reasoning behind it.

The leak surfaced on Reddit by user Throwaway123, who claims to have been working with two DICE ex-employees.

The sources told him that Battlefield 2021 was conceptualized alongside Battlefield V. However, DICE decided to launch the World War 2 Battlefield title earlier, simply because it needed less time in development and production. When BFV was almost complete, development in Battlefield 2021 resumed and it will be the next title we’ll see in the franchise.

Battlefield 2021 is not Bad Company 3
According to the leaker, the original concept was for Battlefield 2021 to be a sequel to Bad Company 2. However, the concept fell through and the team had to revise their plan since it “didn’t feel like Bad Company”. The idea was dropped back in March/April 2019 and that’s why we won’t get to see a new addition to the franchise next year. Now, we’re looking at a totally new IP, based on the intense BF shooting that we came to love through the years. Everything looks to be believable up until this point.

Battlefield 2021 Setting
The post goes on by saying that Battlefield 2021 will be set in a modern era. A near-future era to be precise. Players will have robots, drones and AI in their disposal as well as all the latest weapons that could fit its universe. Its story will be, according to the leaker, closer to what Battlefield 3 or 4 was before the franchise took on the “war theme”.

What interests us most though is what the Battlefield 2021’s gameplay will be like. If the leak is to true then Levolution is making a comeback with more events and actions for the players. The same goes for Commander mode, Rush, Air Assault, Breakthrough and Conquest.

DICE is showing a particular interest in destruction, something we’ve seen in the previous title too. Given the fact that the game will release on next-gen platforms, we’ll get to see realistic warfare to a whole new level. The leaker says:

On the topic of destruction, it has been majorly improved thanks to next-gen capabilities, bullets realistically penetrate walls depending on material, leaving actual bullet holes in the geometry. Buildings can now fully collapse again, instead of just breaking apart walls, so you can chip away at foundations and load bearing walls to make the entire building come down. Destruction is also now ‘material based’ so a wood wall will break apart with just one explosive round, or a load of bullets while a metal or concrete wall will require a lot more damage to break open. Apparently on one map they are planning to make it so that you can destroy entire skyscrapers with jet strikes etc.

Wrapping things up, note that this is nothing more than a leak and there’s no proof of credibility behind it. If and when Battlefield 2021 will release, we’ll know when Electronic Arts and DICE will be able to drop the first announcements.

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