The Guy Behind Battlefield 2018 Leaks Posts Q/A, WW2 Setting and More

If you are a fan of Battlefield as a franchise then you already know TheAlmightyDaq, the guy that leaked information about Battlefield 2018 a couple of weeks ago and has previously given information that was found credible for Battlefield 1. Yesterday, he posted a Q&A video on Youtube answering questions for both Battlefield games leaks and why he did this.

When asked why he is leaking stuff about Battlefield he said that he actually enjoys letting people know what’s to come through teases. He has another reason though, which is to help EA get feedback that the fans actually want to see the title that the developer team is working on. As he explained, this happened before with Battlefield Hard Line and since then they find that leaking some things about the game help them know what direction to follow.

Regarding Battlefield 2018 which will be (according to his leaks) will feature World War 2 setting, he said that it will be as historically accurate as Battlefield and it will also include BS assignments to unlock weapons as with its predecessors. Battlefield Bad Company 3, on the other hand, will feature the same mechanics as the previous titles of the series with the introduction of the prone mechanic.

To many fans’ disappointment, EA has no plans on bringing a futuristic title to the franchise, so no Battlefield 2143 for us. EA already has a futuristic title though in the form of Anthem, so we shouldn’t care about another for now.

Last but not least, he revealed that the Battlefield 2018 title will be released in 2018 and the Battlefield Bad Company 3 will be released “right after it or a full year after it”. It’s good to have a release window for both games’ releases, if what TheAlmightyDaq is true.

To sum up, TheAlmightyDaq didn’t say something that felt terribly out of place and continues to sound credible when talking about things coming to the Battlefield franchise. It remains to be seen whether or not his leaks are as “on point” as it was with Battlefield 1.

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