Battlefield 1 Has Nearly 24 Million Players, Can Call of Duty: WWII Meet the Numbers?

Electronic Arts (EA) has once again refrained from releasing any official sales figure for Battlefield 1.

Electronic Arts (EA) has once again refrained from releasing any official sales figure for Battlefield 1. The company has instead opted for other ways to reveal just how well the latest installment in the military franchise has been received by the masses.

While reporting its earnings for the second quarter of the 2018 financial year, the publishing giant stated that “the Battlefield 1 community grew to more than 23.5 million players worldwide” during this time. Unfortunately, EA did not care to breakdown the figure to clarify as to whether it was referencing the total number of active or registered players.

Regardless, it is clear that Battlefield 1 has enjoyed great success for the company. In comparison, the historical installment had more than 21 million players in the quarter beforehand. That is an increment of more than 2.5 million players in three months.

It would be normal to assume that the numbers will continue to rise for Battlefield 1 as the developer prepares to release the remaining expansion packs in the season pass. However, any further potential growth is likely to be hampered by Call of Duty: WWII. The new installment from Sledgehammer Games is scheduled to arrive in just two days and as history has taught us, will probably start setting sales milestones from the very first week.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare from Infinity Ward saw a rather mixed reception last year. Many from the community still preferred the massively successful Call of Duty: Black Ops II installment from Treyarch. In that light, many believe that those who were fiddling their thumbs will be coming back in hordes as the new installment this year ditches futuristic warfare for a historical setting.

It will not be surprising to see Call of Duty: WWII rack up the same number of players as Battlefield 1 but in half the time.

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