Is Warner Bros Games Montreal Hiring For A Cooperative Batman Game?

There are people guessing that Warner Bros Games Montreal hiring for a new game might be leading to a cooperative Batman game, but we don't know if that's true or not.

We might be seeing Warner Bros Games Montreal hiring for a new Batman game, several years after they released Batman: Arkham Origins, a prequel to the Batman Arkham series that got a more mixed reception than the critical acclaim that most of the other games in the series got on release.

While the studio didn’t actually announce whether it was a Batman game or not, they do say in the ad that they need a user researcher with a passion for video games and knowledge of games as a service, and included mention of an open world. There’s no specific information about whether or not the game is actually Batman-related, but that speculation comes from a ResetEra poster known as Nirolak.

Various instances and cancellation of other games related to Damian Wayne and Suicide Squad have also led Nirolak to believe that the Warner Bros Games Montreal hiring advertisement is a co-operative Batman game. However there’s the fact that Warner Bros Montreal hasn’t confirmed anything about it.

Considering what they’re asking about, mainly games as a service, it’s likely some form of open-world game that might have multiplayer components, and which will likely have microtransactions of some kind in it. Since it’s Warner Bros it might very well be some sort of Batman game, especially since there’s precedent for it in the previous Batman Arkham games.

Batman: Arkham Knight had multiple characters that you could swap between through the use of team-up attacks, allowing you to control characters like Nighthawk, Catwoman, and Robin, with Batgirl also getting her own DLC. While there wasn’t an actual multiplayer component to the game, that might be something that could eventually be turned into a co-op Batman game.

But if it is a games-as-a-service setup, there’s also the possibility that it won’t be DC-related at all. We’ll just have to see. If you think that the Warner Bros Games Montreal hiring ad is the sort of job for you, you can look up the ad yourself and apply.

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