Batman: Arkham Origins Mad Hatter Door Puzzle Solutions

Destroy the lanterns and follow the bunny.

The Mad Hatter has placed two different door puzzles to stop you from saving Alice in Batman: Arkham Origins. This is part of his Most Wanted Mad Hatter mission where you find yourself in Wonderland, a nightmarish sequence which you must escape to return to the real world.

These childish puzzles should normally not stop the world’s greatest detective. Just in case though, we will help you by providing their solutions.

How to solve the lanterns door puzzle

You will face your first door puzzle in Wonderland after reaching the bridge in Batman: Arkham Origins. You will find a giant door with a giant keyhole blocking your path. Notice also the six lanterns on each side as shown in the image below. You have to destroy them using your Batarangs to solve this puzzle.

Destroy all six lanterns to continue.

To get through this door, you will first have to stand on top of the electric panel on the floor ahead of you. Of course, wait for the electricity to go off before you do so, otherwise, it will damage you. Once on the panel, take aim with your Batarang. Use it to take out all six lanterns.

When you’re done, the keyhole door will fall, forming a bridge allowing you to cross and progress towards Alice.

How to solve the three doors puzzle

After you solve the bridge puzzle, you will come across another one of Mad Hatter’s puzzles involving doors in Batman: Arkham Origins. You will see three doors in front of you with giant mirrors on top of them and passing through the correct one 3 times will let you continue forward.


The solution to this puzzle is simply taking the door with the rabbit on top of it, in the giant mirror. Do this three times, each time taking the door with the rabbit on top. Doing so will allow you to solve this puzzle as well.

Follow the man in the bunny costume to find the right door in Batman: Arkham Origins.

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