Batman: Arkham Origins I Am The Night Mode Guide

The worst nightmare.

Batman: Arkham Origins, while extremely fun and thrilling to play, is by no means an easy game. It is filled with boss fights that take time to win using techniques that are hard to master.

However, what if there was a game mode that made it even harder? Unfortunately, or fortunately, there is. It’s called the “I am the Night” mode and we will be telling you all about it.

What is “I am the Night” in Arkham Origins?

“I am the Night” is both a game mode and an achievement that you have to complete for a 100 percent completion playthrough of Batman: Arkham Origins.

What makes this mode special and unique from the rest is that you need to beat the game in New Game Plus without dying a single time. Dying once means that you have to start all over for the I am the Night achievement.

The silver lining here is that you only have to beat the main storyline. This includes all the main missions and boss fights. You do not have to complete any of the optional missions and activities.

That still, however, does not make it easy to beat Arkham Origins without dying once, especially when some of the early boss fights like Killer Croc can be a bit annoying.


How to unlock the “I am the Night” mode

Here is the kicker. You can only unlock the “I am the Night” mode by completing Batman: Arkham Origins in New Game Plus. That means you have to beat the game three times to get the final achievement.

While some players may feel this is unnecessary, it makes logical sense. To be able to beat New Game + without dying once, you must first know how to beat it at all.

NG+ is not a walk in the park. Enemies hit harder and do not have any counter indicators, so you will have to rely on muscle memory.

Tips to beat “I am the Night” for the achievement

In all fairness, I am the Night is not only difficult but also unreasonable. Players should not be forced to go to such lengths just to unlock all achievements.

That being said, you can technically be finished with this mode in about 6 to 7 hours. That does not sound too bad, right? All you have to do is follow the tips below to unlock the daunting I am the Night achievement in Batman: Arkham Origins.

Save your progress

The first thing to know is that you can save your progression while playing the I am the Night mode in Batman: Arkham Origins. If you die, however, the save file will be erased and you will be forced to start from the beginning.

Thankfully, there is a trick to beat that permadeath mechanic. When you die, quickly open your menu and restart from the last checkpoint. If you are fast enough, the game will reload before telling you to start over.

For PC players, you can also keep a backup of your save files. This can be a bit cumbersome though since you have to go to your desktop to copy your save files every time you come to a new checkpoint.

Master evasion and counters

Your best plan of attack while engaging in combat is not taking enemies straight on. Instead, evade their attacks, and hit them from behind. This will let you keep damage received at a minimal level, while also allowing you to build up your multiplier and use takedowns against stronger enemies.

In addition to this, when you do engage in combat, make sure you immediately disarm any enemies/thugs that have guns on them. These guns cause swift damage and destroy your multiplier. To disarm them, using the Batclaw is the most efficient method.

What makes New Game + itself more difficult is the fact that you don’t get counter prompts. Thus, timing successful counters requires a lot of practice, and you must make sure you have them nailed down before you attempt this mode.


What makes “I am the Night” mode in Arkham Origins so difficult to beat is the boss fights, especially the ones involving Deathstroke and Bane. While a strategy of precise countering against Deathstroke is effective, beating Bane without dying once is a little more complicated.

While taking on Bane, be aware of his thugs that attack you. Make sure you know when they’re about to attack you and are prepared to counter them.

If you manage to stack up the 5x multiplier, do not wait to use it. Immediately use the B+Y takedown combo on Bane since it causes him heavy damage.

Also, when Bane is attacking you, do not evade prematurely. Sprint towards him, and evade just as you are about to clash, which will prevent him from being able to change directions towards where you evaded.

Finally, the Vent, Grate, Silent, and Corner takedowns are the best options against Bane when he loses it in the last phase of the fight. Make sure to use them to your advantage.

Batman: Arkham Origins – I am the Night reward

In addition to the achievement, you unlock the Worst Nightmare skin after beating the game in I am the Night. It is perhaps the best costume you can possibly equip in the game.

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