Batman: Arkham Origins Costumes Unlock Guide

Complete your suit collection for the Batcave.

Batman: Arkham Origins has assembled a massive collection of different costumes and alternate skins over the years.

Going after Black Mask and his eight assassins in your default suit can become a bit boring. Nothing sends a message of fear into the hearts of villains than a wardrobe of suits to choose from.

Here is a complete list of all the suits and the methods of acquiring them in the game.

How to unlock all costumes in Batman: Arkham Origins

You can unlock five suits by just defeating the bosses and completing the challenges of the game. The rest of the costumes have to be unlocked through DLC which is easier said than done.

Batman: Arkham Origins is pretty old, so some of the affiliate or marketing links that gave you alternate skins have likely expired. Your only option will be to get the DLC that is still available to complete your Batman costume collection.

Costumes you unlock through the game

Batman Arkham Origins Suit: 
Given to you at the beginning of the game.


Blackest Knight Batman Suit:
The suit can be accessed by acquiring prestige in multiplayer or purchasing the New Millennium Skin Pack.

Batman Noel:
Complete the main campaign to acquire the Noel Suit.

Dark Knight Costume:
Inspired by the movie The Dark Night, the skin can all be yours by beating every Dark Knight challenge in Arkham Origins.

New 52 Graphic Costume:
The 52 Graphic Suit can be unlocked by completing all the Most Wanted missions or purchasing the New Millennium Skin Pack.

Defeat the boss Enigma to get a hold of the Enigma suit in Batman Arkham Origins.

Master the Challenge Mode to unlock the Injustice costume for Batman.

Costumes you unlock through DLC

You can get this if you pre-order from Best Buy, Gamestop, Amazon, Target or Walmart.

Classic TV Series Batman:
You can get this by playing the game on PS3.

Batman (XE) Suit:
You can acquire this costume by completing the Add On: Time Capsule in the story mode of Arkham Origins.

Season Pass:
Available exclusively on the Arkham Origins season pass.

  • Brightest Day Batman
  • Gotham By Gaslight Suit

Batman One Million:
Log in with your WB account on your console.

New 52 Metallic Batman:
Purchase the Batman Arkham Origins graphic novel on the IOS systems and acquire the skin.

You can acquire this by pre-ordering a PS3 copy of the game from any retailer.

Batman Legends Pack:
You can get this DLC pack by pre-ordering the game at an Australian retail store “JB Hi-Fi” or by pre-ordering at Walmart in the US. It contains the following costumes:

  • Batman Earth 2.
  • Batman: Dark Knight of the Round Table.

New Millennium Skin Pack:
This skin pack consists of the following skins:

  • First Appearance 1939.
  • Red Son.
  • Noel
  • 2006 to 2008 Tim Drake Robin.

Infinite Earths Pack:
This skin pack consists of 5 Batman skins and 1 Robin skin:

  • Earth-2 Bruce Wayne.
  • The Long Halloween.
  • Earth-2 New Batman.
  • Thrillkiller Batman.
  • Batman: Dark Knight of the Round Table.
  • 1989 to 2006 Classing Tim Drake Robin

How to change skins in Arkham Origins

While you acquire a lot of customized skins for Batman, you can wear them unless you’ve beaten the story mode of Arkham Origins. Once you’re done with the story, head to the Batcave and interact with the Batman suit hung right next to the Batcomputer.

If you’re playing on NG+ mode then head to the Batcave at any given time to swap out the old suit for a new one.

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