Batman: Arkham Origins Copperhead Boss Fight Guide

Clone wars.

Copperhead is another assassin looking to bag the $50 million reward money from Black Mask for killing the Dark Knight in Batman: Arkham Origins.

She is part of the main storyline, which makes her a mandatory boss encounter in contrast to the optional Most Wanted villain missions.

Copperhead has had extensive training in advanced combat techniques. She is also a master contortionist and escape artist. Her reptilian features go beyond just her forked tongue and slit pupils. Copperhead fights with venomous talons with an extensive knowledge of toxins that she loves to use to poison her enemies.

Defeating Copperhead will bring you one step closer to unlocking the Innocent and Predatory achievement in which you must capture all eight of Black Mask’s assassins.

How to find Copperhead in Arkham Origins

You will be attacked and poisoned by Copperhead after capturing Roman Sionis, also known as Black Mask, in the Steel Mill. Thankfully, Alfred can create an antidote that he sends to you in the Batwing.

While making your way to ground level to receive the antidote, you will find Copperhead standing in your way. She has to stall you long enough for the poison to do its work. You, on the other hand, cannot waste any time, which is ironic because Copperhead is one of the lengthier boss fights of the game.


How to beat Copperhead in Batman: Arkham Origins

Copperhead will start the boss fight by creating several clones of herself. Do not treat this as just another fight with multiple enemies. She will keep duplicating herself until you manage to find and defeat the real one.

There is an easy way to cheese Copperhead in Batman: Arkham Origins though. Keep dodge-rolling to evade their attacks while dropping Explosive Gel on the ground.

Lure as many of them as possible and then blow up the gel. The explosion will only daze the real Copperhead. The clones will either be taken out or just thrown aside.

Once you spot the real Copperhead, go in with your fists to deal as much damage as possible. Be wary of the clones though, especially the ones with the knives. They can catch you by surprise for a lot of damage. Hence, make sure to have a finger on your counter button all the time.

Similar to Killer Croc, Copperhead will also try to grab you during the fight. When that happens, press the button prompt rhythmically to free yourself.

Copperhead will become even more aggressive after losing half of her health bar. This is a new phase in the boss fight where she will try to hit you with a quick sprint attack. Make sure to avoid that at all costs; all the while dodging the clones. A trick here is to dodge-roll to the side as soon as you see the white flash warning.

Due to her new sprint attack that does a ton of damage, you might want to focus on the clones instead if you have already lost a lot of health. Taking out all of the clones restores you to full health, something important to keep in mind.

New Game Plus fight tips

The Explosive Gel trick works just as well against Copperhead in a New Game Plus playthrough. In fact, you need to quick-fire Explosive Gel all over the arena, or else you will not survive the boss fight.

You can also use the quick-fire Concussion Detonator. It can destroy five of her clones in a single blast.

Copperhead invisibility and defeat bugs

Several players have reported a bug where Copperhead’s duplicates become invisible in Batman: Arkham Origins. Fighting multiple invisible enemies can be tedious. A quick fix to this is to simply restart the boss fight. If that does not work, restart your game and start from the last checkpoint.

Another bug that players might face is that their next objective will not unlock after defeating Copperhead. If you are facing a similar issue, head back into the Steel Mill and go through the double doors. Take the stairs with the ice and you will hear Copperhead speaking.

A cut scene will show up where you tie up Copperhead again (if you have defeated her before) and Alfred will call to ask about your health.

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