How To Get Freeze Blast In Batman: Arkham Knight

Freeze! It’s Batman.

Freeze Blast is a secret gadget that you cannot unlock by just completing the main storyline of Batman: Arkham Knight. You need to head to a specific location on the map to add it, which also means that this is a missable gadget in the game.

The gadget works the same way as it did in Batman: Arkham City. You throw a projectile that detonates on impact to temporarily freeze an enemy. It can also be used to close off steaming gas pipes and vents that block your path.

Did You Know

You automatically got the Freeze Blast in Batman: Arkham City, but its Freeze Cluster Grenade was a missable upgrade that you had to get on your own.

You need the Freeze Blast to get some of the Riddler Trophies for a 100 percent completion. That is the only way to unlock the Knightfall ending.

The Freeze Blast location in Batman: Arkham Knight

The Freeze Blast hidden gadget can be found in Panessa Studios which lies in the northeastern corner of Bleake Island. Head over there and then enter the VIP Elevator on the southern end of the building. The steel shutter may appear to be locked but Batman will use a voice command to open the doors to access the elevator.

Take the elevator all the way to the basement to access the Quarantine Cells. Head left after getting off the elevator, towards the corner with the “Warning” sign. The Freeze Blast will be resting on top of a small stool-like table. You can use your Detective Vision to scan the area if you cannot find it.


You will be able to freely explore the hideout after escaping Ace Chemicals in the main storyline. Use this opportunity to pick up the Freeze Blast.

How to use the Freeze Blast gadget

In its default form, a Freeze Blast grenade can only immobilize a single target. It will automatically stick to enemies as long as you throw the projectile in their direction.

Something important to note here is that you have an unlimited supply of Freeze Blasts, so do not be shy about throwing them back to back. We recommend doing a quick-fire Freeze Blast by double-tapping the throw button when facing groups of enemies. It will save you time by freezing multiple enemies within a few seconds, allowing you to go after specific (high-priority) targets.

Do note that enemies near a freeze blast will slow down, but they will not be completely immobilized. This is something important to know because you can target grouped-up enemies with a single grenade for bonus effects. Later on when you get the Freeze Cluster upgrade, you can freeze multiple targets at once.

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