Batman: Arkham Knight A Flip Of A Coin Walkthrough

Still trying to fill in Bruce’s shoes.

“A Flip of a Coin” is one of the six DLC episodes where you play as the other Batfamily members in Batman: Arkham Knight. In this case, you will be playing Robin as you pick up the mantle of Gotham’s new protector following the Knightfall protocol.

Robin must intercept Two-Face’s larger-than-life secret mansion and see what he’s been up to since his escape from the GCPD. In this guide, we’ll provide you with a complete walkthrough of the DLC mission to help you down the coin-flipper.


Apprehending Two-Face unlocks the Succession Plans achievement.

How to complete “A Flip of a Coin” in Batman: Arkham Knight

A Flip of a Coin begins with the newly married couple Robin and Oracle leaving their honeymoon to investigate the garbage disposal facility just to find huge stacks of stolen money being cleaned for Two-Face.

Robin must first wipe out the garbage disposal clean from the enemies before moving to the section of the building with the incinerator.

The enemies present in the garbage disposal section will be quite easy to take out, however, making a lot of noise will cause others to come as backup.

We recommend using the floor gates on the main floor to perform silent takedowns on enemies for a much smoother experience. Once the area is wiped clean move on to the incinerator section of the building.

Wipe out the enemies in the Incinerator

This will be the same process as done before, sneak behind the enemies and press A to perform takedowns. Since there are three floors for the incinerator, players must grapple above and below to wipe out the area.

Use the surroundings to your advantage and move steadily. Take cover when needed and escape when health goes low as the enemies won’t spare you. Once the area is clear, grapple on the top floor of the incinerator and interrogate the Foreman in the Control Room.

Interrogating the Foreman will reveal the location of Two-Face’s mansion and a cut scene will come up which will spawn Robin at his mansion.

As you spawn, go to the railing that looks below the main hall to see what awaits Robin. There will be two sentry guns, a few guards, and a brute. Jumping down directly will surely cause Robin to meet the same fate his enemies do. Instead, opt to grapple across the railing and enter directly into the vent.

The vent will take Robin to a secret room with a breakable wall behind the brute. Simply plant some Explosive Gel and return up to the railing. Jump onto the rope hung above the main hall and explode the wall. Exploding the wall causes the brute to go down.

What’s left is to use your Remote Hacking Device and disable the sentry turrets. Once that’s done, simply drop down take out the guards, and destroy the sentry guns before they come back online in A Flip of a Coin side mission.

Disclaimer: There is an issue regarding the sentry turrets shredding Robin to pieces after he gets down to take out the remaining enemies. It is recommended for players facing the same issue to perform FEAR takedowns on the remainder enemies as they’re quick and can help you deactivate the turrets more effectively.

After the coast is clear, approach the main terminal in the hallway and interact with it to unlock the heavily secured door beside the sentry guns. Go through the door and you’ll be welcomed by a group of enemies to take out.

Once the enemies are dealt with approach the security door in front of you and equip the Remote Hacking Device to solve the puzzle and open up the door.

Robin DLC security door puzzle solution

There is a security door puzzle that you must solve next to advance A Flip of a Coin in Batman: Arkham Knight. This is an easy puzzle to solve, but one that many players find a bit troublesome.

Notice the six statue heads above the locked door. Each mechanical head can be changed to either an angle or a demon head. What you (Robin) need to do here is flip the three heads on the left side to angels and the three heads on the right to demons as shown in the image below. This will open the door.

Take down the sniper

As soon as you’re done with the security door puzzle, Robin will be greeted by a sniper rifle laser pointed right at his chest. Press down on the D-Pad to equip a ballistic shield and make your way forward to take down the sniper.

Did You Know

This part of the mission references the Deadshot boss fight from Batman: Arkham City where you must similarly evade the laser.

A cut scene will roll where Robin jumps down out of the window just to discover Two-Face sitting on his chair with a few goons surrounding him. The goons will be quite difficult to kill as some of their attacks can pack a punch for Robin. Press X, X, and Square to evade enemy attacks and strike back whenever they’re performing a stun stick attack.


Using the environment to your advantage can increase chances of taking down the brutes much more effectively such as picking up the dropped guns and hitting them with it as well as the bullet shield used previously which can stun them for a while. Performing environmental takedowns on enemies is also a great way to eliminate them.

As soon as the goons are down, a short cutscene will pop up with Two-Face shooting Robin in the foot and performing his signature coin flip. But this will be short-lived as Robin will strike back taking down Two-Face and his operations in the A Flip of a Coin side mission in Batman: Arkham Knight.  

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