Batman: Arkham City Wonder City Riddler Trophy Locations

More of Riddler's question marks that you need to solve.

Riddler Trophies are part of the collectibles that make up the Riddler Challenge in Batman: Arkham City. He created these challenges for both, Batman and Catwoman, however, Catwoman’s trophies cannot be obtained by Batman.

These question marks can be found all over Gotham, but here we are discussing the ones for Batman in Wonder City. There are 25 of them in total hiding under the ruins or on top of towers.

We recommend finishing the main story first if you aim to hunt all of the Riddler Trophies together. It will help you avoid backtracking since most of them are locked behind story-locked areas.

How to get the Wonder City Riddler Trophies in Batman: Arkham City

The map locations of all Riddler Trophies in Wonder City.

Riddler Trophy #1
Requirements: Freeze Blast

There are two leaking steam pipes over you just at the entrance of southern Collapsed Streets. Use your Freeze Blast to block them and grapple up to the room behind them to get your first Riddler Trophy in Batman: Arkham City.

Riddler Trophy #2
Requirements: None

Grapple up to the ledge on your right after you enter the southern Collapsed Streets to get this collectible.

Riddler Trophy #3
Requirements: Freeze Blast, Batclaw

At the end of the hallway from the previous entrance, there is a breakable wall on the ceiling before the window. Throw the Freeze Blast on the water a little away from where you are to create a frozen surface you can glide onto. Turn around and grapple up to the upper one of the two platforms to break through the wall. You can now use Batclaw to snatch the question mark Trophy for yourself.

Riddler Trophy #4
Requirements: Explosive Gel, Line Launcher, Batclaw

After you enter the southern Collapsed Streets, run straight to jump through the window across the hallway. The Trophy case is on your right but it will remain closed as long as you are in the room.

You need to burst open the barricaded window in the left corner using Explosive Gel. Return to the hallway and shoot the Line Launcher on the Elixer of Life sign in front. There is a platform immediately to your right that you need to turn and zipline to.

You will now be able to see the collectible case through the window that you can grab using Batclaw.

Riddler Trophy #5
Requirements: Batclaw

On the same platform where you got on previously, look behind where you came from for another Trophy in Batman: Arkham City. Grab it using Batclaw.

Riddler Trophy #6
Requirements: Batclaw

Also on the same platform, there is a broken wall above you that you can grapple through. Use Batclaw to get another Riddler Trophy in Wonder City.

Riddler Trophy #7
Requirements: Freeze Blast

Turn the corner from the entrance of the Collapsed Streets and you will find a Trophy submerged underwater. Use Freeze Blast as close to it as you can and then glide onto it to obtain the question mark collectible.

Tip: The submerged collectibles show a green circular glow above the water when you are in Detective Mode.

Riddler Trophy #8
Requirements: Cryptographic Sequencer, Batclaw

Use the Line Launcher on the Elixer of Life sign from the platform near the entrance and zipline across. There will be a Tyger Security Console on your right that you need to hack into using Cryptographic Sequencer. The passcode is “FORTIFI CATION”.

Go down the stairs after the door opens and use Batclaw to grab the Trophy from the ceiling.

Riddler Trophy #9
Requirements: Cryptographic Sequencer

Below the Wonder Tower Foundation entrance, there is a cell with a collectible inside. Hack the security panel beside it and enter the password “ARMA MENT” to unlock the cell door.

Riddler Trophy #10
Requirements: None

Go down the staircase all the way down from the entrance of Wonder Tower Foundations. When you reach the globe, turn around and go into the area under the staircase. The Riddler Trophy will be on your right, next to the Wine & Spirit display case in Batman: Arkham City.

Riddler Trophy #11
Requirements: Explosive Gel

There is a destructible wall right on the right of the Wonder City elevator in Wonder City Foundations. Use Explosive Gel to burst through and collect the question mark Trophy behind it.

Riddler Trophy #12
Requirements: Freeze Blast, Batclaw

Drop down the hole in the ground near the eastern Collapsed Street entrance. There is a Trophy under the red ledge across the waters on your right. Use Freeze Blast to create an altar, glide to it, and snatch the collectible with your Batclaw.

Riddler Trophy #13
Requirements: Line Launcher

After jumping down the easter Collapsed Street hole, there is a platform on the other side of the wall on your left with a Trophy on it. To get to it, use Line Launcher on the anchor point on your right. Halfway through the zipline, turn around and you will be able to see the collectible platform you can Line Launch onto.

Riddler Trophy #14
Requirements: Cryptographic Sequencer

From your previous position, there is a Trophy case and a security panel behind the fence on your right. You will be able to hack it from the platform you are on. Enter the password “CERE BRAL” and use Batclaw to grab the green Trophy.

Riddler Trophy #15
Requirements: Batarang, Freeze Blast

While being on the same platform, turn to your left and you will see a frozen Trophy hanging from the ceiling. Cut its rope with a Batarang and use Freeze Blast where it fell in the water. Now simply glide down to the frozen surface and pick up the collectible.

Riddler Trophy #16
Requirements: Batarang

Climb up to the ledge from the previous location and follow it around the corner till you see a wooden stage you can drop onto. Jump through the Davis Books window on your right and drop down the hole in the floor.

Look up, hit the switch on the ceiling with your Batarang, and grab the Trophy from the now-unlocked casket.

Riddler Trophy #17
Requirements: Line Launcher

This Riddler Trophy is next to the Wonder City Jewelry store on Wonder Avenue in Batman: Arkham City. There is a hole in the left wall that will take you to a pressure pad puzzle. You need to activate all three pads without touching the ground which you can easily achieve with the Line Launcher.

The first one is in the room, the second one is in the building behind you and the last one is left of it.

Riddler Trophy #18
Requirements: None

Head to the butcher’s shop left of the Jewelry shop on Wonder Avenue. There is an opening on the right you can slide under to get the collectible.

Riddler Trophy #19
Requirements: Remote Control Batarang

Head inside the Drugstore across the street from the butcher’s in Wonder Avenue. Use Explosive Gel on the wall in the back to reveal the Trophy casket. The switch is behind the closed wall so you need to hit it from the outside.

From the entrance of the Drugstore, throw a Remote Control Batarang through the opening above the lamp post on your left. The switch will be under the exit on the right.

It will unlock the case for 10 seconds only so make sure you are not too far from the Trophy.

Riddler Trophy #20
Requirements: None

Behind the Furniture Store on Wonder Avenue, there is a breakable wall opposite where you hit the switch for the previous collectible. Just punch through it to get another Riddler Trophy in Wonder City.

Riddler Trophy #21
Requirements: None

Turn into the alleyway left the Muftic shop on Wonder Avenue. There is a cart next to the lamp post with a Trophy inside.

Riddler Trophy #22
Requirements: None

Head back inside the Drugstore where you found the 19th Trophy. The collectible is behind a grate at the end of the walkway on your right. Use the Disruptor to blow the proximity mine and slide under the bar to grab it.

Riddler Trophy #23
Requirements: Remote Electrical Charge

From the location of the last collectible, take the ladder on your left up to the surface. The Trophy is behind the gate at the end of the street on your left. To open it, charge the industrial motor at its base using the Remote Electrical Charge.

Riddler Trophy #24
Requirements: None

This Trophy is up in the Observatory of the Wonder Tower in Wonder City. Enter through the gate on your left and climb down onto the red-lit ledge. Follow it around the Tower to the other side to get the green collectible.

Riddler Trophy #25
Requirements: None

Climb the same ledge as the previous one but instead of following it all the way back, drop down onto the platform that comes before it. Walk on the protruding metal pole and grapple up to the exhaust fans on the side of the building. Jump on the metal bar behind you and follow it till you can grapple again. It will take you to a ladder leading you into the room on the top.

Exit out the back right of the and get up on the railing surrounding the room. The last Riddler Trophy of Wonder City in Batman: Arkham City will be at the end of the path.

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