Batman: Arkham City Subway Riddler Trophy Locations

There are more question marks underground.

The Subway Station and its network of underground tunnels hide several more Riddler Trophies in Batman: Arkham City. It makes you wonder what lengths Nigma is willing to go just to leave behind his Riddler Challenges.

Do note, however, that we will be helping you collect only the Batman Trophies. There are also Catwoman Trophies that count as Riddler Trophies but they require you to switch to Catwoman.


Catwoman can collect both her and Batman’s Trophies. Batman, though, can only pick up his.

There are a total of 26 Riddler Trophies to find in the Subway Station. Something unique about this area is that you can bag multiple trophies from the same location due to its small size.

Finding all the collectible trophies can be a vexing task if you are trying to do a completionist run, especially since some of these are hidden a little too well and often require a specific gadget upgrade. We recommend you try to hunt these trophies after completing the main campaign.

How to get the Subway Riddler Trophies in Batman: Arkham City

The map locations of all Riddler Trophies in the Subway Station of Batman: Arkham City.

Riddler Trophy #1
Requirements: None

Enter the Subway Station from the West entrance and go down the stairs to the left. Before you reach the train tracks, there will be a vent on the right wall. Enter the vent and it will lead you to a hidden room where the collectible is lying for the taking.

Riddler Trophy #2
Requirements: Cryptographic Sequencer

This Riddler Trophy is located inside a locked security room in the hall where you first entered the Station in Batman: Arkham City. The door can be unlocked by using your Cryptographic Sequencer with the password “TICKETS”. Then simply walk in and grab the trophy.

Riddler Trophy #3
Requirements: None

For the third trophy, go back to the lower level where you picked the first trophy. You will come across a train in the middle of the station. The trophy is under a floor grate across train tracks. Use detective mode to locate the trophy and enter the floor grates to grab it.

Riddler Trophy #4
Requirements: Explosive Gel

From the staircase, you entered, go straight across and head into a small room in front of you. You will see a Catwoman trophy on a table inside the room. Inside the room, there is a vent that will lead you to a hidden room with a breakable floor. Use the Explosive Gel on the floor and detonate to drop down to the lower room and the trophy is yours for the taking.

Riddler Trophy #5
Requirements: None

This trophy is located inside one of the trains on the lower level. Go back to the lower floor where you found the first trophy and through the train tracks head left. The trophy is in the train on the left inside the Subway Tunnels.

Riddler Trophy #6
Requirements: None

For this trophy, start from the train in the Subway Tunnels where you picked up trophy #5, and go back to the center of the room. Now instead of going to the train on the left go to the one on the right side of the wall and grapple up to climb to the top of the train.

Then go straight ahead and enter the room on the left with the broken walls and turn left to slide under the pipes. Turn right to exit the room through another broken wall and turn right again onto the train. Go straight ahead and drop down to get another Riddler Trophy in the Subway area.

Riddler Trophy #7
Requirements: Explosive Gel, Remote Controlled Batarang

From where you picked up the last trophy in the Subway Tunnels, climb back on the train and head straight. Jump onto the next train, and drop down to the ground on the right. From there, take the left twice and jump over some steel bars to find a breakable wall. Use the Explosive Gel to break the wall.

You will find yourself on some train tracks. Turn left to find the trophy locked in a Riddler contraption. Step on the pressure pad to activate the mechanism. Now you need to hit three question mark buttons that are located on the ceiling of the train right across from you.

First, use a Remote Controlled Batarang to survey all the buttons you need to hit as there will be a timer of 8 seconds once you hit the first button. Use the RC Batarang to hit the last button first as that one takes the most travel time.

Now you need to hit the other 2 in 8 seconds or you will have to start all over again. Hit the second button with another RC Batarang and once you have aimed at the button, accelerate to make it go faster.

Do this for the last remaining button and if you are fast enough, you will get another Riddler Trophy in the Subway.

Riddler Trophies #8, #9, and #10
Requirements: Cryptographic Sequencer, Line Launcher

After picking up trophy #7, head back along the track to find a room with a partially opened door, opposite to the wall you broke using the Explosive Gel. The door is marked by a spray-painted question mark. Enter the room and you will find three locked Riddler trophies in Batman: Arkham City.

Using Detective Mode will show all of them are connected to the security console on the wall. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer to hack the console, the password to which is “DEAD END”. Doing so will unlock all three collectibles but will also entrap you in the room and activate the electrified platforms.

Be ready with the Line Launcher, as soon as the door closes and you hear Nigma counting down from 3. Use Line Launcher to stay above ground until the door opens again and the electricity is turned off. Now, you can drop down and collect all three trophies.

Riddler Trophy #11
Requirements: None

This trophy is located behind a weak wooden wall in the Subway Terminal, which is the central area of the Subway Station. To get there, backtrack your way from the location of the last trophy until you come across a door with an electric generator on it. Fire a Remote Electrical Charge at the generator, crouch under the door, and then turn left to reach the Terminal.

As you enter the Subway Terminal, grapple up to the gargoyle on the right side of the arena. Use Detective Mode to locate a breakable wall to your left, and Glide into it headfirst to break it. The Riddler Trophy is lying there for you to claim in the Subway.

Riddler Trophy #12
Requirements: None

This trophy is hidden behind another breakable wall on the other side of the terminal. Glide down to the ground, run across to the other end of the terminal, and go up a small staircase on the right side. To your right, you will see a series of breakable walls, punch one to break it and jump over some boxes to go down the staircase on your left. You will find the collectible at the end of this staircase.

Riddler Trophy #13
Requirements: Batclaw

This trophy is hanging upside down from the ceiling of one of the trains in the terminal. From the point where you first enter the Subway Terminal, get in the cabin on your left and look at the ceiling to find the trophy. Use Batclaw to grab it.

Riddler Trophy #14
Requirements: Cryptographic Sequencer

Grapple up to one of the vantage points and look for a gargoyle with a room under it. Make your way to this room and you will find another locked trophy. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer to hack the console beside it and grab the collectible. The password is “EFFORTLESSNESS”.

Riddler Trophy #15
Requirements: None

This trophy lies in a vent to the north of the train cabin where you found trophy #13. Head to the north side of the terminal, you should see a neon sign that reads. “PLATFORM No. 1” Head left through the corridor and the trophy should be visible. Now you can either use Batclaw or crouch under the vent to grab it.

Riddler Trophy #16
Requirements: Remote Electrical Charge

This one is located in a room directly above the trophy #15. Stand across the vent, aim at the switch through the hole in the fence, and fire a Remote Electrical Charge. The door to the room will now be opened. Use the staircase to your left to enter the room and grab the trophy in Batman: Arkham City.

Riddler Trophy #17
Requirements: Remote Electrical Charge

Go to the northeast end of the Subway Terminal and go through the metal door. On your right will be an electrical-powered door. Use the Remote Electrical Charge to open the door. The door will not open completely, so slide under the gap to through and grab the Riddler trophy lying on a box in the room.

Riddler Trophy #18
Requirements: Freeze Blast

After getting the last trophy, use REC to exit the room and head straight. To your right, through a broken wall, the Riddler Trophy is lying on the surface of the water below. Stand on the ledge, equip the Freeze Blast, and throw it down at the water to create a makeshift raft. Drop down to the raft and use Batclaw to grab the trophy to clear another Subway collectible.

Riddler Trophy #19
Requirements: Cryptographic Sequencer – Range Amplifier, Batclaw

From the Freeze Blast raft, grapple back up to the ledge and use the Detective Mode to locate the locked Riddler Trophy along with a security console nearby in the Subway.

You will need to have the range amplifier upgrade for your Cryptographic Sequencer to hack the console from a distance. Hack the console using the password “INGENUOUSNESS”. Once the cage is opened, use the Batclaw to grab the trophy to add to your collection.

Riddler Trophy #20
Requirements: Line Launcher

Head into the Subway Maintenance Access tunnels on the eastern end of the Subway. You can get there by going east at the ground level from the Subway Terminal and grappling up through an opening in the ceiling there.

Next, head left to slide under the obstacle and turn right. Now use Line Launcher to move across but halfway through, slow down and aim to the right and fire the Line Launcher to change direction. Crouch under another blockade and head left onto the bridge. Grapple up to the platform above you, where you can find this trophy.

Riddler Trophy #21
Requirements: Batclaw

This trophy can be grabbed as soon as you enter the Maintenance Access in the Subway. Head to the area with a gaping hole in the ground in the tunnels. The trophy is right across from you and can be grabbed using the Batclaw.

Riddler Trophy #22
Requirements: Freeze Blast, Batclaw

Go back to the bridge where you grabbed trophy #20, but instead of grappling up, from the bridge throw a Freeze Blast in the water below to make a raft and drop down on it. The trophy is attached to a wall, use the Batclaw to grab it.

Riddler Trophies #23, #24, and #25
Requirements: Freeze Blast, Explosive Gel

From the bridge in the Subway Maintenance Access area, head back inside till you come across a breakable wall on the left side. Use Explosive Gel to break the wall and Crouch under the metal door with marked with a question mark.

Inside you will find three Riddler Trophies locked by a pressure pad puzzle and three suspicious-looking pairs of steam vents in Batman: Arkham City.

Step on the pressure pad and throw a Batarang at the Dot under the question mark. Doing so will trap you inside and the steam vents will start to go off. Quickly throw the Freeze blast at the vents to disable the steam. Now you are free to claim all three collectibles.

Riddler Trophy #26
Requirements: Remote Controlled Batarang

The final Riddler trophy in the Subway Station is located in the far east of the Subway Maintenance Access tunnels. It is locked behind a metal door that can be activated using an electrically charged Batarang to hit the switch behind the door.

Head back straight across from the trophy until you see some loose sparking electric wires hanging from the ceiling behind some broken bars. Launch a Remote Controlled Batarang and steer it through the electricity to charge it up.

Make a U-turn and guide the RC Batarang to the metal door blocking the trophy. Steer through the gap in the bars and hit the switch to activate the door. Now you can go back to the trophy to grab it.

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