Batman Arkham City Moves and Combos Guide – Batsuit, Combat and Predator

Batman is an impeccably skilled fighter; he’s mastered every martial art known to man. So, he has a wide arrangement of different moves to his disposal. The Batman Arkham City combos grant a lot of freedom to the player. However, mastering them can be a bit tricky. Don’t worry though, in this Batman Arkham City Moves and Combos guide, we’ll show you how to perform every single move and combo Batman has in his arsenal.

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Batman Arkham City Moves and Combos


Batsuit Moves

These are the basic moves you can perform with your Batsuit.

If you want to move quickly and effectively through the streets of Arkham City, learn to perform Glide. Though you just need to press a button to start glide but mastering it isn’t easy.

You can use walls to continue your glide by gliding directly into a wall and initiating another glide sequence off it. And, of course you can perform Dive Bomb effectively if you are good at gliding because it requires a combination.

Glide Kick
When you are gliding through the streets of Arkham City, you can Glide Kick any enemy in rage. It will knock out most enemies which makes it a perfect approach to start a combat when you are against a group of enemies.

Or you can use it against a solo target to effectively take em down in your next attack with a ground takedown. For more damage, hold the Dive Button after you have locked on your target to perform Dive Bomb Tackle.

Drop Attack
Drop attack is attacking from above directly on your target. Highlight your target with bat-symbol market and press attack button to drop attack your target. If it’s a solo target, follow this move by a ground takedown to finish him off. If there are many enemies around, start a combo after this attack.

Helps you navigate through small areas that you otherwise can’t get access to. You can slide to kick straight through vent covers but you can alert the enemies by doing so. You can also use slide to start a combo.

Dive Bomb
I have already explained it above ‘How you can perform Dive Bomb’ but here are few things you should remember when attempting Dive Bomb. When you perform Dive Bomb, you land on the ground at a great downward speed and you can transfer this speed into a horizontal glide. This will help you cover large distances and you can surprise your opponent using this tactic.

Detective Mode
Detective mode gives you a tactical analysis of the current location. It identifies potential threats and lets you see through solid walls. It highlights enemies carrying firearms in orange, others enemies in blue. Detective mode also highlights items of interest in the given area.

All the Batsuit moves that we have covered above are available at start but you need to unlock all the moves that follow:

Shockwave Attack
You perform this attack with the help of a gadget that stores kinetic energy when you perform Dive Bomb. Triggering this attack will send out a kinetic shock wave which knocks out any non-armored enemies in the area.

Shockwave attack really makes it easy to take down group of enemies. You can perform it by Holding RT to dive bomb while gliding and when you land, Press B.

Glide Boost Attack
Very powerful attack that can be used to take down multiple enemies in one go! It’s a bit tricky to do successfully though. Perform a Glide Kick, and then hold the Dive Bomb button. Now you will need speed to fill the bat symbol before impact.

If you do, the resulting attack will knock out your target and all enemies standing directly behind him. You can perform it by pressing X to Glide Kick and holding RT to fill the batsymbol meter for a Glide Boost Attack.

Combat Moves

All the combat moves you can perform in Batman Arkham City.

Your basic close range attack. Do it thrice and you enter free flow mode. Continue in free flow mode by engaging enemies without getting hit by any enemy. Free Flow increases power of each strike and knocks out most of the enemies to the ground.

Aerial Attack
Surprise your enemies by attacking from the above. If you are up against enemies using shield defenses, use this move to attack from above – Shields can’t block this attack. You can perform it by pressing B,A, A – for aerial attack or X – for a directed aerial attack.

You can counter any enemy attack by just tapping the counter button in Batman Arkham City. This helps to fend off any enemy attacks that come in your way while effectively maintaining your upper hand. If you really don’t want to get cornered in combat, practice counter. You can counter multiple enemies by tapping Y for each attack.

Projectile Counter
You can catch and throw back objects using the counter button. When an object is thrown at you, press the counter button to catch and through it back at the enemy. You can also redirect that object to attack a different enemy. If you want to redirect it towards different enemy, push the direction keys as you catch it.

It is another defensive maneuver you can perform during combat to escape any enemy attack. It reduces the damage taken and gives you time to settle yourself before your next attack.

Like Batman, flip over enemy’s head and leave em wondering what happened. It will give you time and advantageous position to start your next move.


This attack will stun an enemy for a short period of time, allowing you to easily take them down. Almost all of the enemies’ attacks can be intercepted by the Stun attack.

Ultra Stun

The Ultra Stun attack can be performed by using the Cape Stun attack three times in a row, very quickly. This attack does not inflict any damage, but it stuns enemies for a relatively long period of time. It is very useful against TITAN enhanced enemies; as it allows you to perform a Beat Down attack on them.

You can do this attack by pressing B three times, quickly.

Cape Stun
Use your cap to effectively stun all the enemies in front of you. This move should be used to surprise the enemy or what you get cornered or when you want to buy some time.

Ground Takedown
When the enemy is down, finish it off by performing a ground takedown. You are vulnerable in ground takedown so make sure you have enough time to complete this move successfully. You can press RT+Y to perform ground takedown.

Beat Down
Unleashes a strike furry. You can perform it to finish off the armored enemies and if performed long enough can finish an enemy in one attack. It’s a powerful attack but leaves you vulnerable to attack by other enemies. You can perform it by pressing B and then tapping X.

Special Combo Takedown
It’s a special move that will knock down an enemy in a single move. You can only perform this combo after your combo score has reached x8 or above. Combo meter will flash signaling Special Combo Moves are available and it is then, you can press B+Y for special combo takedown.

All the moves above will be available at the start but the moves that follow need to be unlocked first.

Special Combo Group Attack

Each of the hero characters possess their own unique Group Attack, having different effects. It can be performed by pressing the R button.

Special Combo Bat Swarm
Call your bats to attack your enemies. To effectively use this combo, get yourself in the middle of the group you are fighting and trigger it. You can only perform this special combo after your combo score has reached x8 or above. To perform this combo, press A+X.

Catwoman – Special Combo Whipsplash: This attack randomly strikes all nearby enemies.

Robin: Strikes all enemies, present in a small radius, with his staff, knocking them out.

Nightwing: Throws his Escrima Sticks. They knock some enemies out, while stunning the rest.

Critical Strikes
Time your strikes and it will increase the probability of landing a critical strike. How ? press the strike button just after your first move has finished.

Tapping early or repeatedly tapping the strike button won’t help. You need to time your attacks and if you do, it will also increase the combo by x2 for each strike.

Special Combo Multi Ground Takedown
Jump into the air and throw several Batarangs simultaneously to instantly incapacitate all enemies that are now knocked down. Timing it correctly will increase the effectiveness of this move. You can perform this combo move after you combo score has reached x8 or above. To perform this combo move, press A+B.

Catwoman – Special Combo Whip Trip: This attack instantly knocks out all enemes, present in a certain radius.

Robin – Throw Knockdown: Robin grabs an enemy and throws them onto another close by enemy, knocking the one who was thrown down.

Nightwing: This attack shocks all enemies within a certain radius.

Blade Dodge
Helps you dodge attacks of enemies armed with sharp objects. Hold the counter button and pull down the left thumb stick on your controller to successfully perform Blade Dodge.

Blade Dodge Takedown
Another special counter move which will instantly take out an enemy attacking with a sharp object. You aren’t going for block this time, instead you are going for the kill.

It’s a bit tricky but you will manage after few attempts. To perform this attack, hold counter button and pull down the left thumb stick similar to what you do in Blade Dodge, after that release the counter button and hold it back between each swipe (attack).

Special Combo Disarm and Destroy

This attack targets an individual enemy and destroys their weapon. This attack is very useful as you can remove the stronger weapons from your enemies early-on in the fight. Do note that you can only do this attack once your combo meter is at 8 or above. To perform this attack, press X and Y together.

Predator Moves

Silent Takedown
Batman’s signature move which allows you sneak behind an unaware enemy and take them down silently. Make sure your enemies aren’t equipped with heartbeat monitors because if they are, nearby enemies will rush the place to investigate what happened so it is recommended that you move to next place following a takedown. To perform silent takedown, press Y after sneaking behind an enemy.

Knockout Smash
Press X during a silent takedown to perform Knockout Smash. It’s a noisy move and will most probably attract nearby enemies but not when you want other enemies to be attracted toward your location. It can help you strategically to move enemies out of their initial positions.

Double Takedown
Sneak behind two enemies unaware of your presence and press Y for double takedown. Noisy attack but classy.

Inverted Takedown
When you are on a Vantage Point, drop down and grab an enemy directly below and them hanging from a Vantage Point. They will scream for help so move on quickly after performing this move. This move can also be used strategically to move enemies out of their initial position. To perform Inverted Takedown, press Y while on Vantage Point.

Grate Takedown
You can perform this Takedown when you are under a floor gate. Use the takedown move to leap out and knock out nearby enemies. It’s another one of those noisy moves so move on. To perform this move, press Y under a floor gate.

Ledge Takedown
When you are hanging from a ledge, reach its top and grab an enemy on the walkway and pull him off to knock them out – noisy but effective. To perform this move, press Y when you are hanging from a ledge.

Hanging Ledge Takedown
When you are standing on a ledge above the enemy, drop down and use this move to choke down the enemy. To perform Hanging Ledge Takedown, press Y when you are standing on a ledge.

Window Takedown
When you are behind a window, you can take out the enemy on the other side of the window by smashing, grabbing and then throwing. Noisy move so be careful. To perform this move, press Y when standing behind a window.

Wooden Wall Takedown
You can smash through a weak wall and grab your target to knock him unconscious. If you don’t want to attract the attention of the nearby enemies, don’t go for it. If you have planned your escape route, then you can use this move to surprise your enemies. To perform this move, press Y when you are behind a weak wall.

Vent Takedown
You can perform this takedown when you are behind a vent wall and there is a target on the other side. Similar to Wooden Wall takedown and you can grab the target by smashing through the vent to knock him unconscious. To perform this move, press Y when you are behind a vent cover.

Corner Cover Takedown
Get yourself in corner cover and press Y to perform a corner cover takedown on any enemy that comes near you. To perform this move, enter corner cover by pressing RT+A near a corner, and then press Y to perform corner cover takedown.

Vantage Point
Always analyze enemy movement before jumping into action and this is where Vantage Point becomes effective. It is used with Detective Mode which provides a good deal of information about the different objects and enemies that can be isolated.

This will help you devise your strategy to take down enemies in an area. What if you get discovered ? Well, just switch between different Vantage Points and you will lose them.

Corner Cover
When you are in cover, you can take down any enemy that comes in rage. This move will result in you grabbing the target and choking him into unconsciousness and move to the next point. It will help you get rid of enemies silently while staying undetected. To enter Corner Cover, press RT+A near a corner.

Gadget Moves

All the moves you can perform with your gadgets in Batman Arkham City.

Batclaw Disarm
Upgrade your Batclaw to disarm enemies equipped with firearm. The best part is, you can disarm enemies from a distance. It can be used effectively in combat using the Quickfire Batclaw. To perform Batclaw Disarm, press LT+RT to aim and fire the Batclaw and then LT+Y to quick-fire the Batclaw.

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