Batman: Arkham City Perfect Freeflow 2.0 Achievement Guide

Land 13 different Batman moves in a single combo without fail.

One of the hardest combat achievements from the previous installments makes a return as “Perfect Freeflow 2.0” in Batman: Arkham City, and it is now even harder to unlock. With a lot of new moves and special attacks, you must master the game’s Freeflow Combat once again to clean up Gotham City.

How to unlock Perfect Freeflow 2.0 in Batman: Arkham City

You need to perform a total of 13 different moves without getting hit to unlock Perfect Freeflow 2.0. It can be done in any game mode (Story, New Game Plus, or Challenge Mode). If your combo is interrupted or you get hit, you need to start all over again.

Perfect Freeflow 2.0 moves list

Here are all the moves that you need to perform to unlock the Perfect Freeflow achievement. Make sure that you have unlocked all of these moves before attempting this challenge. It is not mandatory to follow a specific order and you can alter the order in any way that is convenient for you.

  • Strike – Hit an enemy with a punch or a kick.
  • Counter – Counter an enemy attack.
  • Evade – Jump over an enemy.
  • Cape Stun – Stun an enemy with your cape.
  • Aerial Attack – On an enemy with a shield, do a cape stun followed by an evade.
  • Multi-Ground Takedown – Jump in the air and throw multiple Batarangs at the knocked-down enemies.
  • Disarm and Destroy – On an armed enemy, disarm them and destroy their weapon.
  • Ultra Stun – On an armored enemy, cape stun 3 times.
  • Combo Batarang – Quickfire 3 Batarangs quickly.
  • Special Combo Takedown – Perform a special takedown on an enemy when prompted.
  • Bat Swarm – Unleash a swarm of bats that will stun multiple enemies.
  • Beatdown – Perform a cape stun followed by a flurry of fast strikes.
  • Ground Takedown – Incapacitate an enemy knocked down on the ground.


Unlock the Special Combo Boost upgrade to decrease your combo requirement from x8 to x5. This will make it easier and quicker to perform special moves.

Now comes the difficult part, combining all of those 13 moves into a single combo. We recommend the following order of attacks which should make it easier to unlock the Perfect Freeflow achievement in Batman: Arkham City. You, however, have the freedom to change the order or come up with your own sequence.

  • Start by striking the first enemy with a basic attack. (1)
  • Counter the attack from the next enemy. (2)
  • Cape Stun an enemy. (3)
  • Evade by jumping over an enemy to avoid taking a hit. (4)
  • Keep punching to keep your combo meter up.
  • When the combo meter turns yellow, quickfire 3 Batarangs to add to the combo. (5)
  • Use Disarm and Destroy on any enemy wielding a weapon. (6)
  • Use Bat Swarm to stun multiple enemies near you. (7)
  • Perform a Multi-Ground Takedown to eliminate all the enemies knocked down on the floor. (8)
  • Use Aerial Attack against an enemy with a shield. (9)
  • Do a special Combo Takedown against the enemy closest to you. (10)
  • Ultra Stun an enemy by quickly executing Cape Stun 3 times. (11)
  • Initiate a Beatdown on the stunned enemy, knocking him down. (12)
  • Incapacitate the grounded enemy with a Ground Takedown. (13)


Keep using Evade to tactically jump over enemies and avoid taking any hits during the combo but spamming jumps can result in breaking your combo.

The best location for Freeflow combat

The best location with a lot of enemies and enough room is the Joker’s Carnival map if you have the relevant DLC. Otherwise, the challenge map: Survival of the Fittest Level 3 is just as good. Survival of Fittest Levels 1 and 2 do not have enough enemies but can be a good place to practice your moves before attempting to unlock the achievement in Level 3.

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