Batman: Arkham City Flawless Freeflow 2.0 Achievement Guide

Be untouchable.

Unlike the overly difficult Perfect Freeflow combat achievement, you do not have to perform any special combo to unlock Flawless Freeflow in Batman: Arkham City. The only thing that you need to do is not get hit once while completing any combat challenge.

For seasoned players, unlocking this achievement should not be a problem. For newcomers, set aside your worries, we will lend you a helping hand to make this process easy.


You can select any of the playable characters (Batman, Catwoman, Robin, or Nightwing) for this trophy.

How to unlock Flawless Freeflow 2.0 in Batman: Arkham City

You can unlock Flawless Freeflow 2.0 by completing any combat challenge without getting hit, simply evading and countering. Yet another easier way to do this is as follows:

  • Navigate to the Riddler challenges.
  • Select Custom Challenges.
  • Select the first map “Blind Justice” (Any map can be chosen but this one is the easiest).
  • Select “Takedown Projectiles” as a modifier (This lets you instantly takedown enemies with simple projectiles).
  • Start spamming Quickfire Batarangs.

You will need to occasionally evade as some enemies will charge towards you. Beat all four rounds by simply spamming Quickfire Batarangs and evading when necessary to unlock Flawless Freeflow 2.0.


You have a high chance of unlocking Flawflee Freeflow accidentally while attempting other combat challenges.

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