Batman: Arkham Origins Deadshot Boss Fight Guide

Floyd Lawton has a single bullet with your name on it.

Deadshot is perhaps the deadliest assassin Black Mask has contracted to kill you in Batman: Arkham Origins. Known for his inhuman accuracy, this is one mercenary who only needs a single bullet to complete the job.

Deadshot is part of the Most Wanted side missions in the game, meaning that taking him down is optional. We highly recommend that you do so not just to clean up Gotham City but because this is an extremely enjoyable boss fight.

How to find Deadshot in Arkham Origins

While exploring the northern parts of The Bowery after beating Copperhead, you will receive an optional objective to locate an S.O.S. broadcast signal.

Follow the marker on your map to discover that the emergency signal was actually a trap set by the SWAT team to lure you into the open. Something, however, goes wrong when the SWAT helicopter suddenly crashes.

Scan the crime scene to discover that the helicopter crash was caused by Deadshot. He ricocheted a bullet from miles away to destroy the tail rotor and force the chopper to spin out of control; all because he wants to the the one who takes down Batman.

Follow the trail of clues left behind by Deadshot to uncover his location. He will be waiting for you at the Gotham Merchant’s Bank in the south of The Bowery. He will also be with a hostage with several of his goons.


Land on the roof of the bank and find the large hole in the wall. Go through it to start the Deadshot boss fight in Batman: Arkham Origins.

How to beat Deadshot in Batman: Arkham Origins

The only way to take down Deadshot is to sneak up on him and perform a silent takedown before getting out of there. You cannot confront him head-on. If you let Deadshot see you, or come into his laser beam, he will shoot you for a lot of damage.

Deadshot will initially be patrolling the upper balcony of the bank as shown in the image below. You can start the boss fight by immediately gliding behind him for your first silent takedown. You need to do this quickly before any of his henchmen arrive.

You need to beat Deadshot by performing silent takedowns.

Make sure to time your landing because Deadshot tends to turn back quickly compared to other enemies in Batman: Arkham Origins. After you take him down, grapple a nearby vantage point (gargoyle head) to get out of there.

Another strategy to start the boss fight is to cling to the edge of the balcony and throw Deadshot off the walkway when he comes near. Whatever works for you.

Your next silent takedown is going to be a bit difficult. Deadshot and his henchmen will now be alerted to your presence. If any enemy shoots at you while you are sneaking behind Deadshot, your silent takedown will fail.

Something important to note here is that Deadshot is immune to most of your attacks, including inverted takedowns. We recommend either eliminating his gunmen first to make the boss fight easier or simply moving between the vantage points until you see an opportunity to sneak up on Deadshot.

Make sure to use your Detective Vision to see the locations and heat signatures of all enemies in the bank.

The best strategy is to get to the left vantage point of the upper walkway. There is a fire extinguisher on the wall across you as shown in the image below.

Deadshot will use this path to go downstairs. When he comes close, use your Batclaw or Batarang to explode the fire extinguisher for a wall of smoke.

Deadshot and his henchmen will not be able to see you inside the smoke. Quickly drop down and do another silent takedown before retreating.

Batman also has Concussion Grenades that work similarly to the fire extinguishers. Use the smoke to either blind him or wait for another opportunity to sneak up on him.

A couple of things to be wary of here are the new enemies that will enter the bank after Deadshot is taken down thrice. One of them has a disruptor on his back that blocks your Detective Vision. The other enemies will be planting mines. You can either clear the space by taking them out or continue to focus on Deadshot.

After Deadshot loses almost all of his health bar, he will grab a hostage to use as a human shield. This is the final phase of the boss fight, but nothing challenging.

Hostage situation

During the hostage phase, you cannot let Deadshot see you. If he does, he will kill the hostage and the mission will fail. The best strategy here is to remain hidden using the gargoyle vantage points.

Observe where Deadshot is looking through his laser beam. Wait for it to point in the opposite direction and glide behind him for the final silent takedown.

Deadshot gets his arms broken in this boss fight.

Deadshot mission not appearing bug

There is a rare bug in Batman: Arkham Origins where the Deadshot mission fails to load. The fix to this is to head to the west-most upper balcony in Gotham Apartments.

There should be a flare on one of the balconies. You will also hear the sound of a helicopter coming closer. Approach the flare and the mission should start.

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