Batman: Arkham City Best Mods In 2023

Gotham has aged like fine wine, thanks to its modding community.

Batman: Arkham City was released more than a decade back, but can still be pitted against most modern-day games thanks to its mods. The game has seen a healthy modding community churn mods after mods over the years. Ranging from fixing bugs and quests to adding quality-of-life improvements to accessing custom skins to enhancing graphics. There is a mod for everything.

How to install mods for Batman: Arkham City

Installing mods manually can be a nightmare for anyone new to modding, which is why it is highly recommended for you to use Vortex (A Mod Manager by Nexus), which can be downloaded from the Nexus Mods website.

Download the installer and run the setup while ignoring the anti-virus warning, afterwards, browse the home page of Vortex and select either ‘Scan for Games’ or ‘Select Game’ to choose Batman: Arkham City.

After doing this, you can browse Nexus Mods for any mod you require and simply press the ‘Mod Manager Download’, which will automatically launch Vortex and download the mod, after which you can choose to install and enable it at the click of a button.

However, after installing multiple mods, do ensure that the load order is aligned or else the mods will not work or you might end up breaking your game.

Installing mods manually is definitely not recommended for beginners because it can very easily lead to you breaking your game while messing with files in the directory.


Nobody wants to re-install a game and lose their progress over a botched mod install. However, if you still want to have a go at it, then every mod has different instructions for manual installation which come with the download in the form of a text file.

Best mods to install for Batman: Arkham City

An old, classic game that has healthy support from the modding community ages like fine wine, similar to how Batman: Arkham City has.

We will help you revive your fond memories of this award winning game by helping you experience the tons of extra content made by modders especially for you to enjoy!

Arkham City Community Patch

This is an unofficial game patch made by the modding community for the players. It adds a ton of new skins, bug fixes, quality-of-life improvements, and even restores some cut content.

There are, however, a few things that you should know before installing the Batman: Arkham City Community Patch mod. For starters, it disables your Steam achievements. Secondly, it is incompatible with Harley Quinn’s Revenge, so we recommend installing the mod after you are done with the DLC.

Arkham City Redux

Batman: Arkham City still looks beautiful for a decade-old release, but you can improve its graphics to match modern-day games by installing the Arkham City Redux mod.

It is a definitive high-definition texture pack that replaces thousands of textures with upscaled and refined files. That covers HD textures for environments as well as the characters. You also get the option of installing alternate textures and styles for your cape and an all-new black suit for Batman.

Furthermore, the mod now has a separate installation file for Steam Deck in case you are playing on the handheld. It adds improved graphics settings and solves previous compatibility issues.

Extreme Graphics – Reshade

Do you want to drastically improve Arkham City’s graphics? Well look no further because this mod aims to do exactly that! The Batman: Arkham City – Extreme Graphics – Reshade overwrites vanilla visuals by adding presets for lighting, shadows, blur and decals. However, do ensure that you run it using the DX 9 option if you plan on using texture mods from texmod alongside this mod.

Improved Quality – New Shaders Effects

A complete overhaul of vanilla in-game graphics, textures and models. This disables the default in-game graphics and via Reshade, it injects improved quality, new bloom, new graphic effects and overall textures. This Improved Quality mod injects new life into this decade old game by giving it a visual overhaul!

New Game Plus Save File (all Riddler Trophies and upgrades)

We think its safe to assume that everyone from the bottom of their hearts hate the challenges Nigma a.k.a The Riddler puts up for us to find in the Arkham series. This save file rids you of the hassle to complete all 400 challenges and start with a New Game + with every gadget and upgrade already unlocked.

PlayStation Button Icons

A very simple yet useful mod for users whose controllers do not match the Xbox 360 button icons. The Dual Shock PlayStation mod will replace those icons with the PlayStation ones, allowing you to use another controller. If you want to use the Community Patch mod alongside this, then look for the fix under the miscellaneous section.

Remove Silly Effects

Looking for better immersion? Sick of icons showing on top of enemies when you are about to get attacked or glide kick an enemy? Well look no further! Because this mod will remove those Silly Effects that appear on top of enemy heads, using the DX11 wrapper called 3Dmigoto.

Suits/Skins Mods

Installing the best mods for Batman: Arkham City naturally means getting some custom suits as well. There are a ton of them but we will be recommending the ones below.

Ben Affleck Batman Suit
This one is pretty straightforward, it adds the Batfleck Suit from the Snyderverse. So you can play as the most comic accurate live action Batman in Rocksteady’s Arkham City. This will replace the Batman Year One suit with the suit worn by Ben Affleck in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Vicky Vale Skin for Catwoman
Who doesn’t want to see Vicky Vale perform killer moves? Well if you’re a fan of ass kicking journalism then this mod is for you, and if you’re really into immersion then don’t forget to check out this other cool mod that removes Catwoman’s Whip, as a workaround for mesh mods.

The Batman Who Laughs
Everyone’s heard about The Batman Who Laughs? About how he is the most brutal Batman across the entire multiverse. This mod will replace the 1970 Batman suit, allowing you to bring horror to the residents of Arkham City!