Best Suits To Unlock In Batman: Arkham City

Arkham City's wardrobe was a massive improvement over Arkham Asylum.

Batman: Arkham City features over eight different suits to unlock in your wardrobe, including the fantastic default skin. Each one has been carefully picked from the rich history of the Batman brand, ranging from the comics to television shows to films.

Here are the best five suits that we think you absolutely need to strike fear into the hearts of villains in Batman: Arkham City, based on how well they fit into the theme of the game and how fun they are to use.


Most of these Bat suits were pre-order incentives but later made part of the Skins Pack.

Batman Beyond skin

The iconic cape-less suit, rocked by Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond, made its way to the game and instantly became a fan favorite. The textured weave, bright red bat logo, and white eyes make this futuristic suit as menacing as it looks cool. The suit, despite being futuristic, does not break immersion and feels practical.

The Dark Knight Returns

This absolute unit of a suit, based on Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, features an aged version of Batman. Rocksteady went above and beyond in translating this suit from the comics to the 3D render for the game, even the face is visibly aged.

The suit supports mainly a grey and black suit with a yellow utility belt. The oversized Batsymbol and short ears invoke an intimidating look and the obvious lack of armor proves how confident, in his abilities, a mature Batman is.

Default Batman skin

While the game gives you the option to don a number of fancy and sometimes even whimsical suits, hardly anything beats the original suit in Batman: Arkham City.

A significant improvement over the Arkham Asylum suit, this new suit highlights the definitive traits of the character in the Arkham universe. The long ears, the grey bodysuit with black overtones, and the detailed gauntlets give Batman an imposing aura that perfectly blends into the narrative of Batman: Arkham City.

Animated Batman skin

This one is yet another suit inspired by an animated show, but this time it is ripped out straight from Batman: The Animated Show, with cartoonish proportions and textures.

Batman TAS is a classic show that is still loved by many fans today. Therefore, even though the suit might be somewhat immersion-breaking, it brings a flavor of nostalgia and whimsical adventure to the bleak world of Batman: Arkham City.

Batman Inc. skin

Towards the end of the pre-New 52 era, we saw Dick Grayson fully grow into the role of Batman with Damian Wayne as the new Robin.

With a new Batman and Robin duo taking care of things in Gotham, Bruce had enough time on his hands to start Batman Incorporated, a public enterprise of crimefighters from all over the world, funded publicly by Bruce Wayne.

The Batman Incorporated suit made sure that Bruce Wayne’s Batman stood out from the rest of the Batmen in this organization with a bold yellow oval Bat insignia and a darker grey and black suit.

The original design of this suit takes inspiration from Michael Keaton’s Batman suit and is loved universally except for its armor choice at a very inconspicuous place.

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