Bandai Namco Is Considering Tekken 7 Paid DLC For The Future

while the game has not yet been released, but the developers are considering Tekken 7 Paid DLC as more and more gamers don't mind paying for extra content.

Paid DLCs have become a norm of the game industry, however, gamers have been divided on the fact that these DLCs are good or bad for the industry. While some gamers happily purchase the extra downloadable content, some think that developers intentionally holds some content back to sell it after game releases. While Tekken 7 has not yet released, but the developers are still considering Tekken 7 paid DLC for the future.

Speaking with Gamereactor, game director Katsuhiro Harada said that he always though that fighting games are best released in packages, and if devs want to change things or add something new they added it in a new game.

Personally, I’ve always thought that fighting games were best made as a package, you release it, the players enjoy it for however long they want. And when you want to do something new, like change the gameplay mechanics or content, you release a different package. I always thought that was the best model for fighting games

He further added that in recent times more and more players don’t mind paying for the extra content after release, so the team must consider Tekken 7 paid DLC.

Recently with the digital purchases and such a lot of people, the players especially, are saying that they don’t mind paying, that they still want to see some new content after release. So since the voices are becoming more and more larger, I guess you could say, it is something that we want to think about seriously and perhaps change our point of view.

In related news, ever since the idea of Cross Network Play has been introduced, more and more gamers are coming forward to ask developers to add this feature.

So when a fan asked game designer, Micheal Murray, for Tekken 7, to include the Cross Play for Tekken 7, he responded that fans will have to ask Sony for adding Cross Network Play.

So what do you think about devs considering Tekken 7 paid DLC? Let us know in the comments.

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