Baldur’s Gate 3 Monk Way Of The Open Hand Build And Subclass Guide

Way of the Open Hand Monk subclass in Baldur's Gate 3 relies on unarmed attacks over weapons so we made the perfect build for it.

Do you want to play BG3 with a fast-paced martial artist like Bruce Lee, landing multiple punches so fast that every moment is a blink and miss it? Monks in Baldur’s Gate 3 are martial artists, and with the proper build, players can fuel their martial art fantasies. For this, players need to invest in the Baldur’s Gate 3 Monk Way of the Open Hand build.

Although there are other builds for Monks as well, this guide will solely focus on the pure melee, DPS monk that relies on unarmed fisticuffs with the help of Way of the Open Hand Monk subclass in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Starting Abilities and Skills for Monk Way of the Open Hand

Although player choices can vary depending on how they wish to approach the game, all we can give is a general idea to make the build work properly in the game. My best recommendations for the initial starting selections during character creation for Way of Open Hand Monk in BG3 are:

Race: Githyanki. Proficiency with medium armor, and martial weapons and can get easy access to Misty Step and Jump abilities.

Ability Point Distribution: 12 STR, 17 DEX, 14 CON, 8 INT, 14 WIS, 10 CHA

Skills: Athletics, Acrobats, Stealth, Insight


Best Background

Since backgrounds in BG3 do play a powerful role in how your character plays out, selecting a background is quite important. The best background we can pick for this build is the Outlander background. Outlander background gives our monk high proficiency with Athletics as well as Survival.

You can also opt for the Urchin background for the Monk Way of Open Hand build. The Urchin background is better for players who want to make their character proficient in Stealth and Sleight of Hand. The Urchin background also favors high-dexterity characters.

Best Feats for Monk Way of the Open Hand build in BG3

Since you can select only 1 feat every 4 levels, and as the level cap in BG3 is 12, this means players can pick only 3 feats for themselves. Whatever feats you pick are quite important and you need to decide what to pick that best suits your build. Below is my recommendation of the best feats for Way of the Open Hand Monk in BG3.

Level 4: Ability Improvement – Increase any ability by 2, or two abilities by 1 point.

Level 8: Lightly Armored/Moderately Armored – Armor proficiency for Light/Medium amor increases and both your Dex and Str are increased by 1.

Level 12: Lucky – Gain 3 Luck points in every throw you make.

Best Actions for Monk Way of the Open Hand build

As the Way of Open Hand Build, we want to maximize our melee damage output in every way possible. This means not only dealing high damage but also disabling your enemy in every way possible. Let us look at what subclass feats we need to get for the Way of the Open Hand build in BG3.

Level 3: Flurry of Blows: Topple, Flurry of Blows: Stagger, Flurry of Blows: Push. These might seem redundant but all of these offer different benefits. These class actions allow players to knock their enemies prone, stagger them for a turn, and push them back 5 meters. As such, players can dictate the flow of battle however they want.  

Level 6: Wholeness of Body, Manifestation of Mind. Wholeness of Body allows players to regen HP and Ki as they fight, and these effects last for three turns, and Manifestation of Mind adds Psychic damage to all your unarmed attacks. The added damage can range from 3-6.

Level 9: Ki Restoration Punch. This ability allows your character to resonate with an enemy for 10 turns after landing an unarmed attack. The best part is that this can also us a Bonus Action instead of a full action.

Level 11: Tranquility, renders monk unable to be targeted after a long rest unless the monk attacks first.

Best Armor and Weapons

Helm: Assassin of Bhaal Cowl – Allows you to see 3m in darkness, and see through Invisibility spells

Back: Fleshmelter Cloak – Any enemy that deals melee damage takes 1-4 Acid damage per hit.

Armor: Vest of Soul Rejuvenation – regen 1-4 HP on a saving throw against any spell attack.

Hands: Gloves of Soul Catching – Unarmed attacks deal 1-10 Force damage. You also regen 10 HP on an unarmed attack once per turn.

Amulet: Surgeon’s Subjugation Amulet – After a Long Rest, a critical attack can Paralyze the enemy for 2 turns.

Melee weapon: Selune’s Spear of Night – See in Dark up to 12m, and gain benefit on all Wisdom saving throws.

Ring 1: Ring of Blink – Use Blink Spell

Ring 2: Killer’s Sweetheart – Upon killing an enemy, the next attack is guaranteed critical.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Monk Way of the Open Hand Build level progression

For the most part, the level progression system for Way of the Open Hand Monk in BG3 remains the same as other Monk subclasses. Regardless of the route you take, you will automatically unlock certain class features like Ki Points.

However, there are certain level progression systems that are exclusive to the Way of the Open Hand subclass in Baldur’s Gate 3. We will be mentioning those systems below and what you unlock at each level that is exclusive to this subclass build.

Level 2: Patient Defense bonus action grants Advantage on DEX Saving Throws while enemy attacks against you have a Disadvantage.

Level 3: Flurry of Blows: Topple, Flurry of Blows: Stagger, Flurry of Blows: Push – A buff to Flurry of Blows that allows players to push, stagger and get their enemies prone.

Level 5: Gain the ability to perform an Extra attack in the same turn without any Action cost. Also gain Stunning Strike that can stun an enemy unless they pass a CON saving throw.

Level 6: Manifestation of Body, Manifestation of Mind, Manifestation of Soul, Wholeness of Body – Manifestation skills offer different damage powerups to your attacks, allowing you to deal Necrotic, Psychic and Radiant damage to all your attacks respectively. Wholeness of Body allows players to regen HP and Ki passively for three turns.

Level 9: Ki Restoration Punch – Allows players to restore Ki on unarmed attacks. You also resonate with your enemy for 10 turns, and deal 3d6 Force damage to the enemy you are resonating with.

Level 11: Tranquility – Allows monk unable to be targeted after a long rest unless the monk attacks first

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