Where To Find And Use Rune Of The Wolf In Baldur’s Gate 3

Rune of the Wolf is a secret key in Baldur Gate 3 that is needed to gain access to the Druid Vault containing weapons like Sorrow.

During your early gameplay campaign in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will find several keys like Rune of the Wolf as part of the quests. Similarly, you will encounter a puzzle in the Enclave Library in Emerald Grove. You have to solve this puzzle to access a secret passage in the Druid’s Vault that holds treasures.

The puzzle requires you to place runes on all four pedestals representing different animals. All the runes will already be there except the Rune of the Wolf.  

How to get the Rune of the Wolf in BG3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you can quickly get the Rune of the Wolf. The rune is held by an NPC named Rath, and he is located in a chamber before the Enclave Library. You can utilize three ways in BG3 to get Rune of the Wolf.

Steal from Rath

The first method is the easiest, as you must steal the Rune from Rath using a stealthy character like Astarion. You must be vigilant to do this because you might confront him if caught.

You can use the help of the Stealth ability of Asterion in Baldur’s Gate 3 here when the Rath is not looking towards you.

Kill Rath

The second method to get Rune of the Wolf requires you to kill Rath and everyone along with him in BG3. It will take time, and you will struggle in combat. After defeating all of them, you can loot it from Rath’s body.


However, we strongly condemn this method, not because it is immoral, but because doing so will lock some of your upcoming quests.

By saving Halsin

The above two methods are immoral, and you might not want to use them. But there is one more method in BG3: you can obtain the Rune of the Wolf in goodwill.

That is, you have to save Halsin. But what happened to Halsin? Well, you came to Druid Grove to meet Halsin and recruit him. Later, he was imprisoned by the Goblin Leaders in the Goblin Camp.

You have to go to the Goblin Camp and save a bear from waves of goblins. After you have cleared the goblins. The bear you saved turns out to be Halsin himself. Recruit him in your team.

When he is on your team, return to Druid Grove and speak to Halsin. Halsin will refer Rath and tell you to go and meet him. After talking to him, You will get Rune of the Wolf from the Rath.

How to use the Rune of the Wolf in BG3

After obtaining the Rune of the Wolf, you can finally open the Druid’s Vault in Baldur’s Gate 3. The Druid’s Vault is located in the Enclave Library. Inside the vault, you must go to the empty pedestals. After that, walk towards the right pedestal and put Rune of the Wolf there.

After that, you have to interact with each of the pedestals. You have to do it counterclockwise. Doing so will reveal the passage to the Druid’s Vault, solving the Enclave Library puzzle.

Enter the Druid Vault

Enter the Druid’s Vault to get the fantastic loot. There will be various items, but the most highlighted is a two-handed melee weapon called Sorrow. Using this weapon will give you the Ensnaring Strike skill, which will summon vines that trap enemies.

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