Where To Find And Use Rune Of The Wolf In Baldur’s Gate 3

Want some sweet and secret stash in the Emerald Grove area of Baldur's Gate 3? Well, you can by locating the Rune of the Wolf.

Rune of the Wolf is a key item you can obtain during Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3 to solve the Enclave Library puzzle in Druid’s Grove. Like most puzzles, the game doesn’t tell you how to approach it. Even if you accidentally find the rune, there is no indication where you can use it. This is where we come in to help you.

Rune of the Wolf Location in Baldur’s Gate 3

You can obtain the Rune of the Wolf from an NPC named Rath in Baldur’s Gate 3. He is a human by race standing in a chamber before the Enclave Library. There are three ways through which you can obtain this Rune from Rath.

  • The first method is the easiest, as you can steal the Rune from Rath using a stealthy character like Astarion. To do this, you must be vigilant and stealthy because he will confront you if you are caught.
  • The second method requires you to kill Rath and everyone along with him. It will take time, and you will struggle in combat. After defeating all of them, you can loot it from Rath’s body. However, we strongly condemn this method, not because it is immoral, but because doing so will lock some of your upcoming quests.
  • The above two methods are immoral, and you might not want to use them. But there is one moral method that involves saving Halsin from the Goblin Camp. Travel back to the grove and talk to Rath; he will reward you with the Rune.

How to use the Rune of the Wolf

Now comes the big questions. Where can you use the Rune of the Wolf in Baldur’s Gate 3, and how? This rune can open a secret vault inside the Druid Grove. This vault’s entrance is in the Enclave Library area of the Inner Sanctum.

There is a massive wolf statue in this area. There are a lot of pedestals around it, and one has a hollow depression to place something in it. Interact with that pedestal and open your inventory. Now, combine the rune with the pedestal.


If you keep getting errors when trying to combine the Rune of the Wolf with the pedestal, ensure it is in your inventory. Then, instead of selecting it, drag it, place it in the empty socket, and press combine. This is a bug that is still not addressed.

This will activate the remaining pedestals in the area. Touch all the pedestals clockwise, making the wolf statue disappear. Now, interact with the floor hatch to enter the secret vault of the Druid Grove.

Druid Vault Loot

Enter the Druid’s Vault to get the fantastic loot. There will be various items, but the most highlighted is a glaive called Sorrow. This weapon will give you the Ensnaring Strike skill, which will summon vines that trap enemies at the cost of taking one psychic damage.

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