Baldur’s Gate 3 Enclave Library Rune Puzzle Guide

Enclave library rune puzzle appears early in Baldur's Gate 3 and can be completed easily to have some great loot.

The Enclave library rune puzzle appears early in Baldur’s Gate 3 and can be completed fairly easily to acquire some of the best loot in the early game. 

Upon saving Halsin, the Druid Rath gives you Rune of the Wolf as a thank you for your service, after which you can make your way to the Enclave Library to solve this puzzle.

In this guide, we’ll be covering where exactly the Enclave Library Rune Puzzle is located in Starfield and how you can solve it in addition to how you can leave the area once you’ve done so. 

Enclave Library rune puzzle Location in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Enclave library is a safe haven for druids in BG3 and can be found in the Northeastern section of Emerald Grove (x: -443, y: 22), which is being governed by Rath.

He tasks you with finding the first druid, Halsin. Upon exploring the Enclave library, you will come across a lot of strange murals depicting various animals including that of a Wolf.

The Wolf statue is in the middle of a room with a lot of other glowing statues around it. Three pillars (North, West, and South) on its three sides have special stone runes inserted in their sockets. Only the East one is missing which is the part of the enclave library rune puzzle you need to solve in BG3.

How to solve Enclave Library rune puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3

To solve this puzzle, you need to complete ‘Save the First Druid’ quest. This quest involves saving Druid Halsin. After saving Halsin, return to Rath and tell him about your heroic rescue of his friend. 

Rath then hands over a Wolf Rune (stone slab) to the players and tells them of a great treasure cache nearby. Now you can insert this rune in the empty socket on the eastern pillar near the wolf statue.

However, this is only the first step in solving the Enclave library rune puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3. For the next and final step, you need to activate all the runes anti-clockwise, starting from the Wolf Rune.

The order in which you activate the runes is: Wolf->Elk->Bear->Eagle.

Once you’ve completed this, the Wolf statue disappears in the pit, creating a path for you to enter the hidden vault.

BG3 Enclave Library Puzzle Rewards

Enter the hidden vault and interact with the boxes and crates to pick up different materials and consumables. Interact with the Altar in the room to receive a unique weapon named Mace and Sorrow, a unique two-handed melee weapon. Exploring the library will also net you a Mind Flayer Parasite.

How to leave the Enclave library in Baldur’s Gate 3

Exiting the Enclave Library can be a fairly tricky proposition as there is no clear path to exit it after you’ve completed the puzzle.

To exit the library, you must first locate Nettie, you meet her when you first enter the library, and she’ll be found where you first met her. Next, you need to acquire the Arcane Circlet from her.

Now you can either do this by stealing it from her (which requires a perception check) or by looting it from her corpse after you’ve killed her, at this stage also loot the poison antidote on her.

Equip the circlet then head back to where you solved the puzzle. There is a secret door here shaped like a stone slab that you can exit through.

Consume the poison antidote as there is a poison cloud here. Pass through the passage until you’re in the underground passageway. If you don’t have enough poison antidotes for your party, you can first lower the poison vent to make sure everyone can pass through unharmed. The gas won’t kill your party members but it is a good idea to be cautious here.

Alternatively, you can also exit through the stone doors you entered through initially. There aren’t any hazardous obstacles here. Exiting through the stone doors will bring you to the Emerald Grove.

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