Baldur’s Gate 3: Jaheira’s Hideout Pin Slot Puzzle Solution

The only way to gain access to Jaheira’s Hideout is to solve the nearby Pin Slot puzzle in Baldur's Gate 3.

Similar to the rest of your companions, Jaheira has her own history and personal quests to go through, one of which involves solving the Pin Slot puzzle to enter her secret hideout in Baldur’s Gate 3.

As you progress in Baldur’s Gate 3 you will eventually get to a point containing a reunion. Jaheira takes her way back home. Her home is located in the Baldur’s Gate 3’s Lower City.

Upon entering the home you will find her children appear not so pleased at her welcoming and taunt her due to her long absence from them.

However tangy the reunion may be, the home offers valuables that can be acquired by accessing Jaheira’s Hideout.

We will go through how to solve the Pin Slot Puzzle you will encounter shortly as you enter Jaheira’s home. So without any further delay let’s get right into this.

How to solve the Pin Slot Puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3

The only way to gain access to Jaheira’s Hideout is to solve the nearby Pin Slot puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3. Do not fret though. This is a fairly easy puzzle solution to grasp.


While progressing through Act 3, you are going to make your way into Jaheira’s Sanctuary. Notice the desk close to the entrance? Head towards it and investigate to discover the puzzle.

The way to solve the Pin Slot puzzle and enter Jaheira’s Hideout is to place a Harp-shaped Pin in the empty Pin Slot.

Where to find the Harp-shaped Pin in Baldur’s Gate 3? You can find it on one of the kids. Head upstairs and speak with a kid named Tate who apparently has been sneaking in and out of Jaheira’s Hideout without anyone knowing.

Get the Harp-shaped Pin from him and head back to the puzzle desk below. Place the pin in the empty slot and enter Jaheira’s Hideout.

However, we suggest you tread carefully as the place has some traps that you have to avoid. We advise you to have Jaheria in your party during this moment as she will disable them.

Advance further and you will find a beautiful room covered with greenery. However, traverse further into the room and you will find your rewards.

Jaheira’s Hideout rewards in Baldur’s Gate 3

Inside the room, you will find Belm is a very rare Scimitar that offers you Proficiency unlocks in Lacerate and Flourish and comes equipped with weapon enchantment +1. This is a powerful Scimitar that was included in Baldur’s Gate’s previous titles.

You will also find The Staff of the Ram which is a very rare quarterstaff and offers proficiency unlocks named Topple and weapon enchantment +2.

Finally, you will also get Khalid’s Gift which is an Amulet that prevents you from getting the curse. The Amulet comes with Aid is a level three Abjuration Spell.

The items are pretty good to get your hands on, considering that you all have to do for them is to solve the easy Pin Slot puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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