Baldur’s Gate 3 All Zethino Love Test Answers

Is your chosen love interest the right one for you?

While exploring the Circus of Last Days, you will interact with a lot of interesting characters that can lead to fun conversations. One of those is Zethino, a Dryad who specializes in love compatibility. While it is mostly a sham, by giving correct answers to Zethino’s love test in Baldur’s Gate 3, you can find out how suitable you are with the companion you are trying to romance.

Zethino can be found near the entrance of the circus, inside her small makeshift grove. It should be easy to spot as it is pretty much opposite Akabi’s wheel of fortune. Talk to Zethino in BG3, and she will ask you to pick a companion for the love test after you pay a 100 gold fee.

Keep in mind that you can only answer the love test questions with one character in Baldur’s Gate 3, so you need to be extremely sure of which companion you are going to put forward. Either save before taking Zethino’s trial of love, or you will have to start a new playthrough to see the cutscene with another companion.

Once you have decided who is going to take part in Zethino’s trial of love with you, she will put both of you in a meditative state, and you will wake up in a grove. For each correct answer you give to Zethino’s love questions, the chosen companion will move closer to you. Answer all the trial of love questions correctly in Baldur’s Gate 3, and Zethino will tell you that you are fully compatible with that companion and should complete your romance with them.

All correct answers for Zethino’s trial of love in Baldur’s Gate 3

The following is the list of companions you can choose from to bring with you for this trial of love. While these answers for Zethino’s test in BG3 will bring the companions closer to you in the scene, it doesn’t actually affect their approval rating or romance. So the love test is just for fun and possibly a way for you to see how much you actually know the other character.

Astarion Love Test Answers

BG3 Love Test correct answers

Q1 – The heart is fraught, so let us begin with the joyous. When is happiest?

Answer: When is elbow-deep in gore

Q2 – Many things delight the heart, but only one makes it sing. Tell me, what does he desire more than anything?

Answer: Freedom

Q3 – Fear sits in the soul of all – to tame it, we must name it. Astarion – what is his deepest fear?

Answer: Breaking a nail

Gale Love Test Answers

BG3 Love Test correct answers

Q1 – Listen. Think. If the wizard were given the choice, what food would he be?

Answer: A roast onion – versatile, with hidden layers.

Q2 – The heart is fraught, so let us turn to the joyous. When is Gale Happiest?

Answer: While on his balcony in Wardeep.

Q3 – We often gaze through a veil of roses, but love accepts both the petal and thorn. Gale – what is his greatest flaw?

Answer: He thinks he, and the world, might be better off if he were dead.

Halsin Love Test Answers

Q1 – Listen. Think. When is he most comfortable?

Answer: While in the form of a bear, clad in nothing but fur.

Q2 – We strive to do our utmost – to prove ourselves worthy. Tell me – of what is Halsin most proud?

Answer: Protecting his grove from those threatened it.

Q3 – Life is full of victory and loss. You cannot have one without the other. Halsin – what is his greatest failure?

Answer: Allowing the shadow curse to blight nature for a hundred years.

Karlach Love Test Answers

BG3 Love Test correct answers

Q1- Listen. Think. Who does she loath above all others?

Answer: Gortash

Q2 – Tell me, what is her idea of a perfect date?

Answer: Bashing baddies with interspersed with victory sex.

Q3 – A decade from now, what will the mighty Karlach do? Where will she be?

Answer: Settled down in a quiet village with a nice partner and a few kids.

Lae’zel Love Test Answers

BG3 Love Test correct answers

Q1 – Listen. Think. What does she most desire?

Answer: To Ascend

Q2 – Many things delight the heart, but only one makes it sing. Tell me, what is the githyanki’s fondest memory?

Answer: Our night together

Q3 – Life is brief – finite. When the warrior dies, what legacy will she leave behind?

Answer: She will live in perpetuity as a kith’rak atop a red dragon

Minthara love test answers

BG3 Love Test correct answers

Q1 – Listen. Think. What does the drow miss most about the Underdark

Answer: Spiced Ulaver wine and thinly sliced rothe steak

Q2 – Many pass through our lives, their touch rippling across the time. But who does Minthara admire the most

Answer: Me

Q3 – Those with an icy façade hide their true selves well – but pain breaks us all in the end. What is the worst thing your love has ever done?

Answer: Let herself be captured by the cult of the Absolute.

Shadowheart love test answers

BG3 Love Test correct answers

Q1 – Listen. Think. From where does Shadowheart draw comfort on a cold, dark night?

Answer: Good Company and even better vintage.

Q2 – The heart craves comfort, but needs respect. How does one earn the dark haired maiden’s respect?

Answer: Being discreet.

Q3 – Shame sits in the souls of all – to tame it, we must name it. Shadowheart – what is her deepest shame?

Answer: She doesn’t know who she is, or where she belongs.

Wyll love test answers

BG3 Love Test correct answers

Q1 – Listen. Think. What, on his darkest day, would make him smile?

Answer: Memories of our first night getting to know each other

Q2 – We cannot live this life without others – others to guide us. To aspire to. Who does the Blade most admire?

Answer: His father, Ulder Ravengard.

Q3 – Life is a difficult and tumultuous thing. With every smile, a tear often follows. What is Wyll’s greatest regret?

Answer: Leaving behind his father – and his city.

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