Should You Feed Or Kill Mind Flayer In Baldur’s Gate 3

After encountering the Mind Flayer at its ship crash site In Baldur's Gate 3, you can kill or feed it. But do you know which choice is best?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you will come across a weakened and unconscious Mind Flayer after its ship crashes on the island. In my case, I discovered the Mind Flayer at the Abandoned Windmill (X: -230, Y: -800). The body of this creature will be present in the basement of the Windmill, so use the ladder to climb down and find it. 

Since this Mind Flayer recently transformed, it will be weak and require fresh prey to replenish its strength. You can take this opportunity to kill him and absorb its power in BG3. 

However, you will be given a lot of options, and depending on those, the outcome will vary. This will include that you either kill the Mind Flayer or help feed it in BG3.

What happens if you feed the Mind Flayer in BG3

First, when you encounter the unconscious Mind Flayer, inside your head, you will hear the Emperor telling you that it just transformed. The new host that just turned into a Mindflayer is weak. You can kill it and gain its powers. 

You can select the option to wake the sleepy Mind Flayer. When you do, he will sense something about you. He will figure out that you are also a potential host like him before he fully transforms. The Mind Flayer will ask you to help and feed it in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

Select the option; what do you need? And then, the Mind Flayer will reply that his host’s body fought the transformation. He fed on the host’s terror and pain, which wasn’t enough to sustain him. So, the question arises: what do Mind Flayers eat? Short answer: the Mind Flayer must feed on a fresh and frantic Brain to sustain themselves and fully transform successfully.

If you choose the first and second dialogue options to feed the mind flayer, he will say that he will wait for our return. After you kill someone and return their body to the Mind Flayer, he will feast on it. He will also return the favor by giving you some power and knowledge in BG3. 

However, you will encounter the same Mind Flayer again later in the game. This time, he will be at his full power and attack you unprovoked. To avoid that outcome, you should kill him during the first encounter.

What happens if you kill the Mind Flayer

The best course of action is to kill the Mind Flayer as soon as you awaken it in BG3. The reason is that the Mind Flayer is a being of pure evil at its core. It will always seek to control others and attack you if you don’t provide it with a fresh brain to feed. If it kills you, only Withers can revive you at the Camp. 

Hence, after it brings out its demands to satisfy its hunger, you can simply select the option to deny his request and then choose the option to kill it. This way, you and your party members must fight against this weakened Mind Flayer. 

Use strong attacks to damage Mind Flayer significantly, then land the finishing blow. Since the creature was a newborn, its mind remained intact and fresh. You can absorb its potential if you consume his brain. Apart from that, you will also be able to salvage different items from the Mind Flayer’s body, which include: 

  • Ring of Truthfulness 
  • Absolute Order: Newborn 
  • Windmill Key 
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