How To Feed Crimson In Circus Of Last Days in Baldur’s Gate 3

Dinosaurs love meat so make sure to stock up.

Circus of Last Days in the Rivington area of Baldur’s Gate 3 is filled with some really interesting and wild characters. One of those is a dinosaur by the name of Crimson, locked up in a cage. Normally, if you proceed through the circus without investigating everything, you end up getting attacked by doppelgangers who will unleash Crimson on you, and you have to kill it. However, there is actually a way you can befriend Crimson in Baldur’s Gate 3 so it doesn’t attack you.

Where to find Crimson in Circus of Last Days

The red-colored dinosaur (hence the name Crimson) is locked up in a cage near the stage where Dribbles the Clown is performing. You will be able to spot Crimson quite easily, as next to his is another cage that has Whiskers, a Displacer Beast, locked up.

If you use the Speak with Animals spell, you can talk to both Whiskers and Crimson in BG3. Turns out, both these animals have suffered quite a lot. Whiskers’ entire family was killed, so she wants revenge on everyone, even you, which means there is no reasoning with her. However, Crimson is simply hungry, and anyone who feeds him can become his friend.

So, if you wish to avoid fighting and killing Crimson, you have to figure out a way to feed him. As he is a carnivorous dinosaur, it makes sense that his favorite meal would be meat.

How to feed and befriend Crimson in Baldur’s Gate 3

Go to Crimson’s cage and try lockpicking his cage door. If you are unsuccessful, you can also pickpocket the guard standing near the cage. Use the key to open the door.

Once he is free, he will still not leave the circus, so the only thing you can do is feed him. To feed Crimson in BG3, you need to have any type of meat or steak. You can find it from many places in the game. You might have already picked some up as you loot everything for your camp supplies.

If you don’t have some, check out the nearby inns or the kitchen inside the Open Hand Temple. A pig’s head from there should be enough to feed Crimson.

Once Crimson has been fed, he will not be hostile towards you and consider you a friend. He will even thank you for considering eating you but it was just his immense hunger talking. In this way, you’ll save yourself from fighting him once Dribbles initiates the combat.

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