Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Can’t Dual-Wield Weapons

If a weapon in Baldur's Gate 3 has Can't Dual-Wield property, you shouldn't ignore it as we prove with our list of best weapons of that type.

Certain weapons in BG3 are so unwieldy that you can’t use them with any other weapon, not even a shield. To easily identify such weapons, the game classifies them under Can’t Dual-Wield weapon property. However, that doesn’t mean these weapons are bad by any means. In fact our Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Can’t Dual-Wield Weapons list will prove some of these weapons are actually the best in the game.

Can’t Dual-Wield weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3 typically fall under the Javelin, Spear and Trident categories. As such, there aren’t a lot of them in the game. However, those that do exist are a force to be reckoned with.

1. The Watcher’s Guide

The first weapon on the list which cannot be wielded with any other weapon in BG3 is The Watcher’s Guide. This spear has 1d6 Piercing damage when operated one-handed. This damage rises to 1d8 Piercing when used with both hands. This uncommon versatile melee weapon does not require you to master any proficiency to operate it.

This spear possesses a special skill known as Death’s Promise. This skill helps to gain an advantage against your target in the Attack Roll after missing a strike on the target. To get your hands over The Watcher’s Guide, you need to solve a puzzle to open the Sarcophagus located in the Dank Crypt.

2. Lightning Jabber

Lightning Jabber is also a Spear in BG3 which is relatively uncommon compared to others. As evident by its name, it is one of the weapons in the game which consumes the BG3 Lightning Charges. It allows you to wield a 1d6 +1 Piercing damage with the +1d4 additional Lightning damage when used in one hand. However, when using this weapon Two-handed, the damage rise to 1d8 +1 Piercing and +1d4 Lightning damage.

This uncommon spear possesses the Shocking Sting and Throwing weapon skills allowing it to give a shock to your target upon a hit along with the additional lightning damage.


3. Javelin +1

Javelin +1 is the advanced version of Javelin increasing the 1d6 Piercing damage to 1d6 +1 Piercing. It is a simple weapon which means you do not have to master any proficiency in order to use the weapon. This uncommon weapon possesses a range of 1.5 meters and can be Thrown toward the enemies as well but BG3 does not allow you to dual-wield it with any other weapon.

With the +1 Weapon Enchantment, it also helps in unlocking the Piercing Strike proficiency unlock helping to knock out the enemy by leaving a Gaping Wound.

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