Baldur’s Gate 3 Broken Spear: Shaft And Head Parts Locations

The head and shaft of the broken spear are two peculiar items in Baldur's Gate 3. You will find them in the early game but you wont know what to do with them.

During the early stages of Baldur’s Gate 3 in the wilderness around Emerald Grove, you will find the Head and Shaft of the Broken Spear during your exploration. Although both the Shaft and the Head of the broken spear are useless separately, when combined, they craft a rare weapon. But to do so, you will need to find them first.

As you head out of the Druid’s Grove and explore the wilderness to the West, you will find three characters, with one near death. Go to them, and you will find the first item on the soon-to-be-dead person. That is where you will start the quest to repair the broken spear. 

BG3 Broken Spear Shaft location

The shaft of the broken spear in Bladur’s Gate 3 can be looted from Edowin’s body, the eldest sibling of the three. He will already be injured by the time you get there. Just interact with the siblings. At this point, you can try and help them or kill the remaining two siblings.  

But regardless of what you do, Edowin will die, and you will find the broken spear shaft on his body. Simply loot him when he is dead. Doing this will earn you half of your prize. 

BG3 Broken Spear Head location

The head of the broken spear in Baldur’s Gate 3 will be located near the shaft. Just head down the road toward the Northwest until you see a waterfall. Cross it, and you will enter a cave. In the cave, you will find an Owlbear with its cub. The head of the spear will be lodged in it. 

It was the Owlbear that gravely injured Edowin, the eldest sibling. He was fighting it when his spear got broken with the head stuck in the creature. Now, getting the head of the spear is a little bit difficult. You can try a few Animal Handling checks using Speak with the Animals spell, but the beast will not allow you to remove the head of the broken spear.

You will have little choice but to slay it. Once the Owlbear is taken care of, loot the body for the head of the broken spear. 

How to repair the Broken Spear in Bg3 

Once you have both the parts of the broken spear in Baldur’s Gate 3, you can combine them by following these steps. 

  • Open your inventory  
  • Select a piece of the spear and right-click on it. You will see an option, ‘combine.’ 
  • Put the other piece of the spear in the empty box. 
  • Click the combine button on the bottom. And that is it. 

After you follow these steps, you will be rewarded with the ‘Vision of the Absolute’ spear. It does 2-9 damage with a 1d8+1 roll. It also binds characters that fail a dexterity saving throw. The vision of the Absolute Spear also does a 2-12 bonus damage to creatures with multiple sets of eyes, like spiders.  

The vision of the absolute spear is an excellent addition to your arsenal in the early game stages. But you will find better equipment later and need to switch over.

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