How To Get Boots Of Uninhibited Kushigo In Baldur’s Gate 3

Get the Boots of Uninhibited Kushigo for a great damage buff.

The Boots of Uninhibited Kushigo in BG3 provide the wearer with a damage buff equal to their Wisdom Modifier with unarmed strikes. This makes it a great piece of armor for character classes that rely on unarmed fights and Wisdom like the Monks.

However, finding them is no easy task because you cannot obtain them until you reach Act 3. In this guide, we will explain to you how you can get the Boots of Uninhibited Kushigo.

Where to get the Boots of Uninhibited Kushigo in BG3

At the beginning of Act 3, you will be ambushed by the Githyanki Monks who are patrolling the Astral Plane. These monks are naturally strong and are equipped with the Boots of Uninhibited Kushigo. You will be forced to fight them, as it is a part of the storyline. Once you have defeated the monks, they’ll drop the boots.

How to defeat Githyanki Monks

The easiest way to defeat these monks is by baiting them and using ranged attacks. We recommend having at least one spell caster that can hold the enemy in place to keep hitting them. For this, we recommend using the “Hold Person” spell, which is a level 2 spell from the Enchantment School. This spell will hold any humanoid enemy still in Baldur’s Gate 3 and force it not to move or react at all.

Begin by placing range fighters on a nearby platform. After that, send in your melee fighters, who will act as bait. Use them to defeat any smaller enemies nearby, if there are any, and bring the monks to the edge.

Your fighters will more than likely die, so it is preferable to get the monks near the edge sooner. The strategy to defeat the monks and get the boots in BG3 would look something like the image below:


Use the Hold Person spell to keep the Monks bound in the location and hit them with all the power range attacks you have. This is how you will be able to get the Boots of Uninhibited Kushigo in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you missed the Boots on the first attempt, either you have to wait till you get to the final fight of the game or reload a previous save.

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