Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Races For Monk

The best race for Monk in Baldur's Gate 3 will work on further increasing the Wisdom and Dexterity to overcome the Monk's weaknesses.

Monks in BG3 are one of those classes offering excellence in melee combats. Due to their nature depending on hand-to-hand combats, Monks offer Wisdom and Dexterity as their main attributes. The best race for Monk in Baldur’s Gate 3 will work on further increasing these attributes to overcome the Monk’s weaknesses.

They make use of their Kung Fu abilities as well. However, getting into range encounters can also be a disadvantage for Monk. This class of BG3 has a lot of steep steps to climb as it does not offer much compared to others. The Monks offer proficiencies, wielding simple weapons and shortswords.

Some of the races can offer Monks help in melee competitions in BG3.

  • Wood-Elves
  • Drow
  • High-Elves
  • Deep Gnomes
  • Githyanki


This race is a subrace of the Elve in BG3 and best for Monk because it offers a Fleet of Foot to aid the Monks in their combats as it will increment movement speed. This can help the Monks in stealth and Athletics. Furthermore, this subrace inherits darkvision and elven weapon training that offers Proficiency in bows, Long and short swords.


The Drow mainly offers Darkvision and gives Proficiency to medium-fielded weapons like Hand crossbows, rapiers, shortswords, and base racial speed to aid you in combats as usual. This race best suits a stealth-based approach in Baldur’s Gate 3. It also comes along with Darkvision and Fey Ancestry.


The high elves subrace from Elves gives you access to a cantrip that can benefit you in out-of-hand combats alongside inheriting the base Elves race features previously mentioned in Wood-Elves, like Darkvision and Elven weapon training.


Deep Gnomes

With their default incremented attributes like intelligence, wisdom, and charisma due to the Gnome Cunning ability, this race is also a good choice for the Monk in Baldur’s Gate 3. Specifically, Deep Gnomes offers Stone camouflage that gives you comfort in doing stealth checks that come in handy when traversing evasively. Darkvision is also included in this subrace.


Unfortunately, the race does not offer subraces, but it shows you Martial Prodigy, which offers Armor Proficiency in light and medium Armor, Shortswords, Longswords, and Greatswords. Cantrip is also included if you choose this race for the Monk class in BG3. Additionally, we have Astral Knowledge equipped here, giving you Proficiency in all skills of a chosen ability.

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