Baldur’s Gate 3 All Zaith’Isk Outcomes

Everything you need to know about Zaith'isk outcomes so you can make the right choice.

Zaith’isk is a device in BG3 made by Ghustil Stornugoss, who claims that it can remove the parasite within an infected person. You can find it in the Infirmary of Creche Y’llek at the very end of the building. It is made up of some kind of living organism along with some metal parts.

When you meet Ghustil Stornugoss, she will introduce you to it and will want you to use it. Lae’zel will also insist on using it to cure everyone. At that point, you’ll have two options: either use the Zaith’Isk device in Baldur’s Gate 3 yourself or let Lae’zel fall victim to its agonizing practice.

What happens if you use the Zaith’Isk

If you choose to use the device yourself, you’ll get into a bit of a fight with Lae’zel. Don’t change your mind, as it is better if you sit on the device. There would be three stages, and you’ll need to pass specific checks for each stage. Pass all the saving throws, and you’ll ultimately get out of the device before it destroys itself.

Should you let Lae’zel use the Zaith’Isk in BG3?

If you let Lae’zel use the Zaith’Isk, you’ve ultimately chosen the harder outcome in BG3. As soon as the process starts, you can get the Insight check. This will tell you that she will not come out of this quickly and without hurting herself.

Then, you’ll get the Persuasion check, which will convince her to leave the seat. If you fail to do this for the three stages, she’ll be left with permanent debuff after the device explodes.

Who should sit on the Zaith’Isk?

According to the information given above, it is clear that you should sit on the Zaith’Isk rather than Lae’zel. This is clearly because of the difficulty in saving throws. If you are using Zaith’Isk, you need to have the saving throws of DC 10 Intelligence, DC 12 Wisdom and DC 15 Constitution, which are all entirely in the medium range with a higher chance of getting.

For Lae’zel, you need a much higher throw of DC 30 in Wisdom to save her in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you don’t get it, she can have the debuffs, which are quite damaging for a helpful companion like her. Both outcomes will end in the Zaith’Isk exploding, which means in the case of Lae’zel, you need to have the high throw of DC 30 if you want to save her.

After the explosion, you also need to be careful with your dialogues, as Ghustil Stornugoss would be angry with you. If you convince her that the parasite is dead, you can leave. On the contrary, if she figures out that the parasite is alive, she can lock you inside and send some Githyanki to fight.

Zaith’Isk Buffs and Debuffs in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you go through the whole process with success in throws, you’ll get the Awakened Buff. Same with Lae’zel. If she goes through the process and is saved before the machine explodes, she’ll get the Awakened buff, too. This buff allows the user to control the Illithid Powers.

If you sit on the Zaith’Isk, you’ll get the debuff for stats like Wisdom, Intellect and Constitution by negative 2 for each failed saving throw in Baldur’s Gate 3. On the other hand, If Lae’zel goes through the whole thing and you don’t save her at the end, she’ll get three debuffs: Weak Wisdom, Weak Intelligence, and Weak Constitution.

The good news is the debuffs can be removed by using tadpoles from your inventory. Use them on the affected person, and the debuffs will go away.

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