What To Do With The Addled Frog In Baldur’s Gate 3

Speak with the Addled Frog and collect the Treasure.

You can find the Addled Frog during the first act of BG3 in Sunlit Wetlands near the Hag’s (Auntie Ethel’s) house. You must head in the northeastern direction from the Riverside Teahouse to get there. After traveling for a short while, you can turn left and follow the path until you reach the coordinates (X:-23, Y: 304).

This frog can be distinguished by its unique color, which is pink. This Baldur’s Gate 3 guide will cover communicating with the Addled Frog and uncovering the hidden treasure.

How to speak to the Addled Frog in BG3

Before approaching Addled Frog, you can simply drink the Potion of Animal Speaking. Drinking this specific potion will allow you to understand what the Addled Frog is saying.

However, meeting the Addled Frog will be based on the scenario that you have disposed of the Hag. If you haven’t killed the Hag in BG3, the meeting with the Addled Frog won’t go pleasantly.

The Addled frog will be agitated with the Hag, and if you select the wrong dialogue choices, you will anger this little creature. The outcome will be a fight between you and the Addled frog. Regarding stats, this creature will be approximately on Level 3 and have an AC of (22) along with a Dex of (20).

This might not seem like a problem for you as you can defeat the Addled Frog with relative ease, but you will have to find the treasure on your own in Baldur’s Gate 3.

You must pass an Animal Handling skill check to calm down the Addled Frog in BG3 to avoid this outcome. Once you have dealt with the hag, you can interact with this amphibian again and learn the location of the hidden treasure.

If you have killed the Hag and come across the Addled Frog for the first time, this meeting will have a different outcome. This time, you can approach the addled frog, which jumps happily. Then, you will have three dialogue options in Baldur’s Gate 3, which will include:

  1. “Glad I could help”
  2. “I’d be happier with something for my trouble”
  3. “The last option would be to end the conversation and leave”

How to get the Addled Frog’s treasure

If you select the first option, “Glad I could help,” the addled frog will continue its cheering about the downfall of the Hag. The frog will then ask you to follow it to get the treasure. All you need to do is follow this pink frog, and it will take you through the swamp until you reach the following coordinates (X: 6, Y: 294) in Baldur’s Gate 3.

After reaching this place, you will observe a large bag hidden behind a bush. You can move your cursor and select this pouch next to reveal the items present within it. These will include the following items:

  • Scroll of Detect Thoughts
  • Scroll of Shocking Grasp
  • Gold (x11)

If you kill the frog and want to locate the treasure, you will need to rely on your Perception check. You can go through the swamp, reach the coordinates (X:6, Y: 294), and find the pouch hidden behind some green leaves.

Moreover, if you kill the Addled Frog, you can’t salvage anything from its body, so it’s better to ease the pain of this amphibian and meet it later after you have dealt with the hag.

I would suggest you communicate with the Addled Frog after defeating the Hag and then find this treasure in BG3. However, if you follow an evil route, you can kill the Addled Frog after you gain the treasure. But at this point, it would make you cruel in front of your party members in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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