Back 4 Blood Tips

Players who have been left with a festering need for another bout of carnage are, in respect to the title, Back 4 Blood. If you find yourself struggling in this zombie-infested world with your friends who, in their state of merriment, forget that they are indeed mortal; perhaps share with them these Back 4 Blood Tips that will indeed improve survival and the overall experience in the beta.

Back 4 Blood Tips

Back 4 Blood, the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead and as close as we will get to a Left 4 Dead 3 anytime soon provides its players with new features like a Card Deck system, lots of guns and memorable moments with friends that can satiate their bloodlust for the hordes of zombies, or Ridden as they are called in Back 4 Blood.

The following tips will help ensure your and your teammate’s safety in Back 4 Blood.

Listen to the World

The sonic design of the game is more than just an eerie ambiance. The foundation of the game is to put you into the shoes of the character, unlike many zombie games, the Ridden are ruthless in their goal to rid the world of civilization. First and foremost, remember that you are indeed prey in a world full of carnivores.

Each Ridden, common or special has its unique sonic queue ranging from macabre retches to soft sobbing, you will hear the danger before it crashes over your team.

Observe and divide each sound from the other, in order to choose the lesser of the evils and proceed from there because you cannot stand still in this game for too long.

Quite simply, make less noise and survive for longer.

Environmental Hazards

In certain locations you will encounter flocks of birds, churning together as if agitated. Walking too close to them or startling the restless animals by shooting directly at them will cause them to take to the skies announcing your immediate location to nearby hordes without any remorse.

Similarly be aware of environmental hazards such as doors rigged with a security alarm and blinking car lights, these objects when interacted with without care will alert enemies through booming sounds.

To deal with doors, first of all, see if there is a written warning on the top perimeters of its surface that reads along the lines of ‘Security Notice’ if so then this door is indeed rigged with an alarm.

This divulging warning is optimum for players who are in the middle of escaping from a horde or in need of finding a safe spot, but disarming them is nigh impossible. Your only hope is for a zombie to be on the opposite side of the door; destroying it safely without you or your team’s intrusion.

Meanwhile, avoid any vehicle like the plague! The last thing you need is to be near a vehicle that screams out your position to the hordes especially when you are in a tight spot and low on supplies.

Another hazard that you need to keep in mind are deep water. Stepping in water that’s too deep can result in death, so be aware of your positioning.

Play Your Cards Right

Back 4 Blood gives each player a choice in creating a loadout that suits each character’s playstyle and role. You could either build your character as a damage dealer, blitzing through hordes of zombies bathed in their blood, trigger happy completely ignoring your low health and the abysmal state of affairs of your team.

Be considerate of your team and the supplies you gather, it is, after all, a world where ammo and medicine are precious. If you do wish for carnage, build your character to allow for larger ammo reserves.

Perhaps you are a scout, you want to become a speedster that can gain footing on the map much easier than your teammates, potentially scouting out safe houses, ammo caches and dangerous hordes whilst surviving to tell the tale of your exploits. Select cards that pertain to stamina boosts etc.

Similarly, if someone wishes to fulfill a healer-centric role, especially with a raging maniac on their team, it is suggested to choose cards that improve healing capabilities gained from using health kits and the speed of consuming one.

Collect all the items you find in the game whether they’re offensive or defensive. You will get to use them all. Make sure to also grab all the attachments you find since they can be really helpful in increasing your weapons stats.

In finality, the deck-building system in Back 4 Blood relies on you and your team. Ideally, everyone needs to choose their roles and commit to them.

The game wants you to have a symbiotic relationship with each other where everyone fills and enhances each other disabilities causing the team composition to become more balanced

Know Your Enemies

The Ridden in Back 4 Blood are killing machines that are ruthless in their attempts to hunt you and your friends down.

Each infected zombie has a specialty that is reminiscent of your own team’s synergy; simply put, there exists a tank, hunter, trapper, and chaser, etc. If there is no way to avoid them, you must know their weak points before they could pin you down, putting you and your team in the merciless hands of the infected hordes. When push comes to shove, know which monstrosity to prioritize!

Though the hordes of Ridden are daunting by appearance, the big boys are the ones that should earn your ire.

The special variants such as Tallboy group, Stingers and Retchers can take advantage of their abilities to leave your team shorthanded. So, in order to combat them- stick together, find an advantageous spot on the map, observe their bodies and find their weak spots!

For example, the Tallboy group, carry on their shoulders a protruding blister that sits visibly on their skin. This blister must be targeted when combating these slow lumbering giants that utilize their club-like limbs to incapacitate your teammates.

Sleepers are organic spore-like creatures that appear on walls and sides of vehicles. Regardless of their small size, these acute creatures jump at you to immobilize you whilst dealing damage. Be wary of your surroundings and step around them; you can shoot at these pods from the side to defeat them and allow everyone safe passage.

Communication is Key

Loyal followers of Turtle Rock Studios have experienced their previous iterations of Back 4 Blood for years in the form of Left 4 Dead and know that this game simply demands constant communication between teammates which fulfills the co-op aspect of the game in its auspicious glory.

Whether through voice chat or the ping system, never forget to point out the most minuscule irregularities around your vicinity to the rest of the team. This way no one is ignorant of their surroundings and if one gets caught in an obvious trap, you know who to blame!

Furthermore, remember to take advantage of each other’s ability to arrive at a harmonious synergy that not only will help you survive through difficult situations but complete objectives in a swift, timely manner.

This game can be tough but at least you can set it as a challenge so, don’t forget to push boundaries, be sneaky and have less of a trigger-happy personality when around obvious baits!

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