Back 4 Blood Best Cards Guide

The card system in Back 4 Blood is an intricate feature in the game. Below, we aim to streamline everything you need to know about the Back 4 Blood Best Cards build yourself the perfect deck.

Back 4 Blood Best Cards

The core purpose of the cards in Back 4 Blood is to boost your overall power in the game. This is done by allowing you to craft a custom deck of cards, switch between different builds and take on more challenging fights.

The Game Director in the game, which is a system of modern AI, picks up a collection of cards. These are called corruption cards based on your actions, choices, and health.

On the other hand, there are active cards that you choose yourself and that allow you to avail some useful perks. There can be a total of 15 cards in a deck and each card can be in a deck only once, meaning you can’t stack them.

Below, we will go over both types of cards separately. Play them right, and you’ll be unstoppable!

What are Corruption Cards?

These cards are essentially chosen by the Game Director AI at the onset of each level which in turn, apply several random alterations to the game, such as the special types that spawn with climatic effects like fog.


The Game Director has a total of, 10 corruption cards in B4B to choose from.

Active Cards

Active cards in the game serve to help you get your hands on some special bonuses, which allow you to counter the effects of corruption cards and improve your odds in the game.

After the Game Director has selected its cards, you will need to draw three cards. One of them will be a corruption card while others will be active.

You can only pick one of these cards. Once you’ve played the picked card, you will draw another card. You will repeat this process unless three cards have been played.

When a campaign commences, you will begin with one active card with your loadout. During the campaign, you’ll be able to acquire four more active cards to the point when you leave the safe house.

Apart from the active cards that you’ll naturally acquire, there are many more scattered across the map and can be purchased with the in-game currency – Copper.

Active cards are categorized into four types, namely

Each of these types offers you a particular boost. For instance, reflex cards are concerned with your movement speed as well as the reload speed of your weapon.

Some of the cards may have a catch for the benefits they offer so watch out for them. Oftentimes, reaping benefits from the cards may not be worth it!

Reflex Cards

The blue cards that you’ll see in Back 4 Blood are Reflex cards. These cards are focused on giving the player buffs that makes their character faster, more agile and move evasive.

Card Name Card Description
Adrenaline-Fueled 100% more stamina 75% less stamina regeneration Allows you to gain 10 Stamina every time you kill an enemy and another 10 stamina over the subsequent 5 seconds
Brazen 30% more melee efficiency 30% more melee attack speed 5% less damage resistance
Breakout Allows you to escape from grabs by holding E
Cocky 75% more weapon swap speed Decreases your accuracy by 20% for 3 seconds whenever you take damage
Combat Medic 25% more use speed When you revive a teammate, it allows you to heal them for an extra 20 health
Cross Trainers 20% more stamina 20% more stamina regen 3% more movement speed +5 health
Dash 5% more movement speed
Energy Drink 40% more stamina 5% less damage resistance
Evasive Action Grants you +20% movement speed for 3 seconds whenever you receive 10 or more damage in a single hit
Fire in the Hole! Grants you +20 health and +20% movement speed for 10 seconds whenever you throw an offensive accessory
Fleet of Foot 10% more movement speed 5% less damage resistance
Glass Cannon 50% more weak spot damage -30 health
Guns Out 50% more weapon swap speed 5% less damage resistance
Headband Magnifier 75% more use speed Grants you a chance to be blinded for 1 second whenever you take damage
Hellfire 50% more movement speed while firing SMGs 10% more SMG damage
Hi Vis Sights 30% more aim speed
Hyper-Focused 50% more weak spot damage 20% less damage
Killer’s Instinct 30% more weak spot damage Disables ADS (Aim Down Sights)
Mag Carrier 30% more SMG/Pistol ammo capacity 10% more SMG/Pistol damage
Mag Coupler 50% more reload speed Disables ADS (Aim Down Sights)
Mandatory PT 10% more team stamina
Marathon Runner Allows you to strafe and backpedal without slowing down movement
Medical Expert 15% more healing efficiency Grants you +15% movement speed for 15 seconds whenever you use a medical accessory
Meth Head 40% more melee attack speed 40% more melee stamina efficiency Stops your melee attacks from sticking to tough enemies Disables ADS (Aim Down Sights)
Miraculous Recovery Grants you a 25% chance to have 100% increased effect whenever you use a medical accessory
Multitool 50% more use speed 5% less damage resistance
Olympic Sprinter 30% more spring efficiency 5% less damage resistance
On Your Mark Grants your team +15% movement speed for 30 seconds whenever you leave a starting safe room
Pep in your Step Grants you +10% movement speed for 5 seconds whenever you get a precision kill
Pep Talk 100% more revive speed 5% less damage resistance
Power Swap Grants you +20% damage for 5 seconds whenever you change weapons within 0.75 seconds of reaching a low ammo threshold
Reckless 40% more sprint efficiency Makes you lose all stamina if you take damage while sprinting
Reckless Strategy 30% more weak spot damage 5% less damage resistance
Reload Drills 20% more reload speed
Rhythmic Breathing 60% more stamina 20% less slow resistance
Ridden Slayer 20% more weak spot damage
Rolling Thunder 50% more movement speed while firing shotguns 10% more shotgun damage
Rousing Speech 150% more revive speed 50% less revive trauma Disables offensive accessories
Run Like Hell 5% more movement speed Decreases accuracy by 20% for 3 seconds whenever you take damage
Sadistic 40% more weak spot damage
Screwdriver 25% more use speed
Shooting Gloves 25% more weapon swap speed
Shredder Makes the target take +1% damage for each bullet you hit them with (up to 50%)
Slugger +5 health 10% more melee efficiency 20% more melee attack speed
Smelling Salts 50% more revive speed
Speed Demon 12% more movement speed while using an SMG
Steady Aim 80% more aim speed 50% less movement speed while using ADS
Stimulants Grants you +10% movement speed, +10% reload speed and +10% weapon swap speed for 30 seconds whenever you use a Pain Med
Stock Pouch 30% more sniper ammo capacity 10% more damage with sniper rifles
Superior Cardio 20% more stamina 20% more sprint efficiency
+5 Health
Tunnel Vision 50% more aim speed 5% less damage resistance
Utility Scavenger Allows you to sense Quick Accessories nearby Increases spawn rate of Quick Accessories
Widemouth Magwell 30% more reload speed 5% less damage resistance

Discipline Cards

The red cards that you’ll see in Back 4 Blood are Discipline cards. They enhance your character’s overall loadout, mostly focusing on ammo and explosive capacities.

Card Name Card Description
Ammo Belt 50% more ammo capacity 20% less stamina efficiency
Ammo for All 10% more team ammo capacity
Ammo Mule 75% more ammo capacity Disables Support Accessories
Ammo Pouch 25% more ammo capacity
Ammo Scavenger Allows you to sense ammo nearby Increases spawn rate of ammo
Amped Up Grants your team 50 temporary health whenever you leave a starting safe room
Antibiotic Ointment 30% more healing efficiency
Avenge the Fallen Grants your whole team +30% damage, +20% reload speed and unlimited ammo for 10 seconds whenever you or a teammate becomes incapacitated
Charitable Soul Whenever you heal a teammate, allows you to also be healed by the same amount
Cold Brew Coffee 40% more stamina regeneration 10% less stamina efficiency
Combat Knife Turns your bash into a knife which is considered as a melee weapon
Combat Training 5% more outgoing damage 50% more bullet penetration
Controlled Movement 40% more movement speed while using ADS on a Sniper Rifle
Down in the Front! 10% more damage resistance and no friendly fire while crouching
EMT Bag 45% more healing efficiency 20% less stamina efficiency
Energy Bar 20% more stamina regeneration +5 health
Field Surgeon 75% more healing efficiency 25% less use speed
Front Sight Focus 20% more accuracy
Group Therapy All teammates are healed for ten health whenever you use a medical accessory
Hunker Down 20% more damage resistance and 12.5% more accuracy while crouching
In the Zone Grants you +5% reload speed for 5 seconds for every precision kill (up to 50% reload speed)
Inspiring Sacrifice Heals all teammates for 25 HP over 10 seconds whenever you or a teammate becomes incapacitated
Knowledge is Power 10% more weak spot damage Gives you the ability to see enemy health bars and the values of the damage you deal to them
Large Caliber Rounds 10% damage dealt 100% more bullet penetration 20% less stamina efficiency
Marked for Death Highlights the Mutations you ping and makes your teammates deal +10% damage to the highlighted enemies
Meatgrinder 30% more movement speed when using and LMG while crouched
Medical Professional Defibrillators and Frist Aids grant an extra life and recover 10 trauma damage
Motorcycle Helmet 25% more damage resistance Disables ADS (Aim Down Sights)
Motorcycle Jacket 10% more damage resistance
Natural Sprinter +100 more stamina regeneration 50% less maximum stamina
Needs of the Many 20% less health +1 extra life for the team
Optics Enthusiast 30% more accuracy 20% less stamina efficiency
Padded Suit 15% more damage resistance 20% less stamina efficiency
Patient Hunter Increases damage by +10% for each second you’re using ADS (up to 30%)
Poultice Teammates gain an extra 15 health over 30 seconds whenever you heal them
Power Reload Increases magazine capacity by 30% until the next reload. This is only possible if you reload your gun within 0.75 seconds of reaching low ammo
Quick Kill 50% more accuracy Disables ADS (Aim Down Sights)
Scattergun Skills 40% more Shotgun reload speed
Silver Bullets 15% more outgoing damage 150% more bullet penetration Makes you lose 5 Copper whenever you kill a Mutation
Support Scavenger Allows you to sense Support Accessories nearby Increases the spawn rate of Support Accessories
Tactical Vest 30% more rifle ammo capacity 10% more Assault Rifle and LMG damage
Trigger Control 25% more Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle accuracy
Vanguard 10% more melee speed Grants one temporary health to teammates nearby whenever you get a melee kill
Weapon Scavenger Allows you to sense weapons nearby Increases the spawn rate of weapons

Brawn Cards

The green cards that you’ll see in Back 4 Blood are Brawn cards. They’re focused on increasing your character’s survivability, making them as tough as possible.

Card Name Card Description
Batter Up 50% more melee damage +5 health
Battle Lust Allows you to heal 2 health per melee kill
Berserker For each melee kill you get in the last 4 seconds, grants 10% more melee damage, 10% more melee speed and 5% more movement speed
Body Armor 25% more trauma resistance 20% less ammo capacity
Bomb Squad 100% more explosive damage 35% more explosive resistance
Broadside Grants your precision kills a 20% chance to blow up Ridden, dealing 15 damage to all other Riddens present within a 4 meter radius
Buckshot Bruiser 15% more damage resistance while using a Shotgun
Canned Goods +40 health 30% less stamina
Chemical Courage Gain +25% damage for 60 seconds every time you use Pain Meds
Confident Killer Grants +2% damage until the end of the level each time you or your team kills a Mutation (up to 100%)
Demolitions Expert 50% more accessory damage 20% less ammo capacity
Durable 15% more trauma resistance +5 health
Face Your Fears Grants 3 temporary health each time you kill a Ridden within 2 meters
Fresh Bandage At the start of every level, heals 10 trauma
Grenade Training 25% more accessory damage
Heavy Attack Grants your melee weapons the ability to burst forward whenever you hold LMB 100% more damage from charge attacks
Heavy Hitter Grants your melee attacks the ability to deal +20 stumble damage when attacking weak spots
Hydration Pack +25 health 20% less ammo capacity
Ignore the Pain Increases damage by 20% when fighting Mutations using a melee weapon
Improvised Explosives 75% more accessory damage 25% less swap damage
Line ‘Em Up 100% more bullet penetration with Assault Rifles
Mean Drunk 75% more melee damage Grants your melee attacks the ability to deal AoE damage Disables sprinting
Numb the Pain Grants +15% damage resistance while you possess temporary health
Offensive Scavenger Allows you to sense Offensive Accessories nearby Increases spawn rate of accessories
Overwatch Whenever you get a kill from 16 or more meters away, grants 5 temporary health to teammates within ten meters of the enemy
Pyro 100% more fire damage 75% more fire resistance Grants temporary health each time you get a kill with fire
Scar Tissue Decreases incoming damage from all Ridden by 1
Second Chance +1 life +5 health
Spiky Bits 25% more melee damage While using a melee weapon, damage resistance is increased by 10% 20% less ammo capacity
Sunder Every time you hit a target with a melee attacks, they take 20% more damage for 5 seconds
True Grit Heals 8 health over 5 seconds whenever you take 15 or more damage in a single hit
Two is One and One is None Allows you to equip another primary weapon in the secondary weapon slot 25% less weapon swap speed
Vitamins +15 health
Well Fed 20% less stamina regeneration +10 team health
Wooden Armor 40% more trauma resistance 100% less fire resistance 100% less acid resistance 100% less explosion resistance

Fortune Cards

The yellow cards that you’ll see in Back 4 Blood are Fortune cards. They aren’t focused on any specific type of playstyle, instead, they grant miscellaneous buffs that you won’t find in any of the other cards.

Card Name Card Description
Admin Reload Reloads your weapon whenever you stow it 20% less ammo capacity
Bounty Hunter Grants you 10 copper each time you kill a Mutation (up to 300 Copper per level)
Box O’ Bags 10% less health +1 team Support Inventory
Compound Interest Every time you enter a safe room, you receive 10% of your total copper
Copper Scavenger Allows you to sense nearby Copper Increases spawn rate of Copper
Double Grenade Pouch +2 Offensive Inventory
Fanny Pack +1 Support Inventory
Grenade Pouch +1 Offensive Inventory
Highwayman Grants your Pistol kills a 2% chance to spawn ammo
Life Insurance +2 lives at the cost of losing 50 Copper at the start of each level
Lucky Pennies Grants you a 35% chance to find extra Copper whenever your team loots Copper
Money Grubbers Grants you 5 extra Copper whenever your team loots Copper (up to 100)
Mugger Grants your melee kills a 2% chance to spawn ammo
Run and Gun Allows you to shoot while sprinting
Share the Wealth Grants each teammate 100 extra Copper at the start of each level
Shell Carrier 30% less Shotgun ammo capacity 10% more Shotgun damage
Shoulder Bag +2 Support Inventory 10% less damage dealt
Surplus Pouches 10% less health +1 team Offensive Inventory
Wounded Animal Regenerates 1 health for every kills you get while at critical health

Best Cards for Your Deck

Below, we have enlisted and detailed some of the best active cards in the game.

Card # 1 – Second Chance


  • +1 Extra Life
  • +5 Health

With the extra HP and more importantly, the extra life you get with this card, you are able to fight for a longer period and hence, take on tougher challenges in the game.

Card # 2 – Pep in Your Step


  • You get 10% additional movement for 5 seconds upon a precision kill.

In Back 4 Blood, you’ll be encountering countless hoards of undead enemies. So, landing precision hits or headshots is not that difficult.

Every time you make a precision kill, you get 10% faster than before for 5 seconds which is quite beneficial for you when dealing with unending streams of zombies.

Card # 3 – Ridden Slayer


  • +35% Weakspot Damage

With this card equipped, you are able to take down the Ridden faster when hitting them on weak spots.

This card is particularly useful during the later stages of the game when you will encounter stronger and varied groups of Ridden.

Card # 4 – Superior Cardio


  • +50% Sprint Efficiency
  • +5 Health

Apart from the HP buff, the sprint efficiency is what you require during the harder stages of the game when Ridden are swarming you.

As you’ll realize, sometimes it’s better to evade them than to waste your time fighting them. That’s when Superior Cardio comes in pretty handy.

Card # 5 – Run and Gun


  • Shoot while sprinting

When stuck in the tight corners, sprinting through the swarming Ridden to save your skin without gunning them down is not possible.

Luckily for you, with the Run and Gun card, you can shoot while sprinting. This means that you can move towards your objective while dealing with the Ridden at the same time.

Building a Card Deck

Now that you have all the required knowledge about the card system in B4B, let’s get into how you can build the Best Deck in B4B.

When you launch Back 4 Blood, on the top left corner of the screen that pops up, tap on the “Deck” option. After that, the “Decks” box will appear in the center of the screen, so click on it.

You will then be given an option to view your available decks or to view a new deck. To build a customized deck based on a particular playstyle, click on the option to create a new deck.

Note that to build a good custom deck, you’ll first need to acquaint yourself with a wide range of cards.

Anyhow, remember that whichever card you pick as the first one, it will be assigned to your loadout and you’ll start with it in the game. So, always pick a first card that complements the rest of your build.