Atomic Heart Plyusch Boss Guide

Plyusch, also known as Ivy, is a cyborg enemy boss you face in Atomic Heart. This bionic beast was created as a part of an experiment so it has long limbs and the brain of a dog.

Plyusch is incredibly agile and can walk on its hind limbs as well as on all four limbs. Due to its strong limbs, this beast is capable of long jumps. That is something you will need to watch out for in Atomic Heart. It also has extendable upper limbs that can increase in length and attack the player by lashing.

This boss can be quite intimidating as it has a difficulty level of 7 out of 10. To take down a Plyusch, you need to be prepared by knowing its strengths and weaknesses. But before getting into that, you need to know where to find this monstrous being in Atomic Heart.

Plyusch location

This behemoth is encountered three times while playing Atomic Heart.

For the first time, you will come across a Plyusch in the VDNH complex of Atomic Heart. While completing the ‘Trembling of the Earth’ exercise, you will be looking for an appendage that can be used to build your robot, Clara. This is when you will encounter the Ivy boss.

For the second time, you will encounter this beast in Range 9. Range 9 is a secret underground location that can be explored but it is not mandatory.


For the third and last time, Plyusch will cross your path during the ‘Bloody Courier’ quest. During this quest, you will encounter this boss twice. Once, when you will be looking for My Laboratory inside the Hospital, and for the second time when you will visit the Morgue.  

How to defeat Plyusch in Atomic Heart

Plyusch is an aggressive beast that can lash at you in no time due to its agile nature. The key to taking down a Plyusch is to know all about its weaknesses and Strengths.

Plyusch is highly resistant to Gunfire and Shock so weapons like Dominator and Electro will be useless against it.

However, this peculiar creature is vulnerable to Fire damage and Melee attacks so high-speed weapons like Snowball and Fox will be your best friends against a Plyusch.

You can also use Zvezdochka and Swede to add power to the agile attack. Rocket Launcher, Kalash, and Asterisk are also great options.

Equip Polymeric Shield

While facing a Plyusch it is essential to protect your Health. Equipping a Polymeric Shield will help you not only to neutralize the attack but also redirect a part of it toward the enemy.

Dodge the Attacks

Even though the Plyusch boss is swift and agile but it can only run linearly. If your Polymeric Shield is in cooldown, you should run in zig zag that will help you dodge its lunges while protecting you against damage.

You can also attack the Plyusch’s back when it misses a lunge but it is best to maintain a safe distance.

Use Cartridge Gun Mod

Plyusch’s is vulnerable to Fire Damage so you can take it down by adding this Fire Damage to your Melee weapons. Choose a melee weapon and add a Fire Cartridge to it that will help you deal the most damage.

Stack up the right abilities

Before getting into a fight with a Plyusch in Atomic Heart, it is highly recommended that you equip yourself with health capsules. A supply of 7-10 Adrenaline Neuromed Capsules can be used for this purpose.

Another important thing you need to take care of is buying the Second Wind. This can be bought from the Character Upgrade menu and gives you an extra chance to dodge an attack.

Morning Run is also a useful skill to have as it will allow you to match Plyusch’s speed and agility.  

Following these tips, you will be able to handle a Plyusch and bring it to its knees. This will grant you the ‘Plukh’ achievement and potential rewards such as:

  • Biomaterials x30
  • Chemistry x5
  • Power Module
  • Neuropolymer x35
  • Adrenaline Capsule x2