How To Heal And Craft Neuromed Capsules In Atomic Heart

There are several ways to heal in Atomic Heart. You can either find Neuromeds, craft consumable capsules, or get the Wild Boar skill upgrade.

The world of Atomic Heart has its surprises down the down as you face off against both robotic and biological enemies. As you survive the chaos in Facility 3826, you will have to face off against the deadly terminator-type robots and mutants which will damage you heavily.

As fighting these are also an integral part of the gameplay therefore you need to be stocked with items that you can use to heal yourself in these dangerous situations.

This is because as you progress down the game your opponents will get tougher and inflict more damage on you. So you need to Heal yourself by crafting consumables like “Capsule” to keep you up and running in the game.

Most of the healing items like “Neuromeds”, you will find along the road but if you end up running out you can always visit the large red vending machines to craft these capsules.

If you are having trouble finding these items to restore your Hp then you should read on as we have covered different ways to Heal in Atomic Heart.

How to heal yourself in Atomic Heart

You use Neuromeds to restore health points in Atomic Heart. These are Health Capsules that you will come across in every chapter of the game.

Once you have come across Neromeds, you can instantly heal yourself by pressing and holding the D-pad. If you are playing Atomic Heart on your PC then you can press X to use the Neuromeds

Atomic Heart also gives the option to collect Neuromeds for later use in the battles. One might think of hoarding Neuromeds in the inventory but keep in mind that the inventory spaces are limited to 20. Therefore, you should leave some space for weapons and armor.

Neuromed Capsule locations

There are three types of Neuromed capsules ranging from small to large. They come in different sizes so the bigger they are the more you can benefit in terms of healing abilities and vice versa.

That said, the HP restored starts from 50 Hp and goes until 150 Hp for the Large one. The location of all the Neuromed Capsules blueprints is given below:

NeuromedHP RestoredLocation
Small Neuromed Capsule50 HpThe blueprint for Small Neuromed Capsule is located in the Second Breakroom in Vavilov Complex: Offices. Once you are in the room, you will find it in the chest.
Medium Neuromed Capsule100 HpFor Medium Neuromed Capsule, you need to head to the top floor of the Vavilov Complex: Seed Bank Restoration. You then need to exit and jump from the sidewalk to find the blueprint.
Large Neuromed Capsule150 HpYou will find a red house on the right side of the road that leads to Lesnaya Station from the Forest Village. Head to the top floor of the house to find a chest containing the blueprint.

If you are running the game on your console then to access the Neuromeds from your inventory you only need to press down on the “D-pad”. 

If you are playing Atomic Heart on your PC then you can press X to use the Neuromeds. This way you will recover your health in Atomic Heart

How to craft Neuromed Capsules in Atomic Heart

To craft these consumable healing items in Atomic Heart, you will need to access a red vending machine. These can be found at different locations in the game and are not hard to come by.

You can use these Crafting Machines to craft different items including capsules for healing and other items that can aid in your endeavors as well.

After interacting with the red vending machine you need to head to head into the “Crafting” section first and then move on to the “Consumables” section. There you have three options in terms of crafting Neuromed Capsules which serve to regain your health. These include:

Neuromed CapsuleSynthetic MaterialBiomaterialChemistry
Small Neuromed Capsule240
Medium Neuromed Capsule441
Large Neuromed Capsule852

You can acquire these from the different enemies that you defeat in the game. Once you collect the essential resources, you can specify the amount you require and press the X button to craft the Neuromed capsule to heal yourself in Atomic Heart.

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