Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Treasures of River Dee Walkthrough

River Dee is the third area that you will need to unlock after receiving the River Raids update. This guide will cover all the details about unlocking River Dee and a complete walkthrough of Treasures of River Dee quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Treasures of River Dee

You will have access to two regions after receiving the River Raids update, namely River Exe and River Severn. However, there is another region called River Dee that you have to unlock on your own.

How to Unlock River Dee?

In order to unlock River Dee, you have to complete small side quests that include looking for map clues in River Exe and River Severn regions.

So, for the River Exe map clue, head inside one of the churches in Escanceaster Monastery, located in the map’s eastern portion. You will find the first map clue there that is required to unlock River Dee.

Next, head inside the primary church at the Northern Monastery. It is a little hidden location on the northeast side of the map. You will find a door to the left after heading inside the church. Break the door open and you will find the second map clue inside.

Bring both of the clues to Vagn at your settlement and he will inform you of a new route then, which is, in fact, the route to River Dee.



For the quest of Treasures of River Dee, you only know a little at first. This includes finding the pieces of Saint George’s legendary armor in River Dee. You also know that the pieces are kept in certain large military locations.

You should be well prepared for some pretty offensive raid during the quest. It is because all the areas that you will visit will be highly saturated with soldiers.

So just head towards the Staging Camp first and raid the camp. Dealing with all the enemies, make your way straight inside and then enter the small room to the left after climbing the sloppy staircase.

Open the chest that is inside there and you will find a piece of Saint George’s Armor.

Next, open your map and select the raid location that is near the end and close to the fortress on the northeast side of the map. Travel all the way to the location and you will find that it is the Hillview Outpost.

Head right as you enter the outpost and go straight all the way to the hut-like building whose doors are emitting red light. Climb up through the left door’s side that is opposite to a staircase and jump inside. You will see another chest here in which you will find Saint George’s Great Helm.