Assassin’s Creed Valhalla River Raid Maps Guide

In this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla River Raid Maps guide, we’ll tell you about all the regions that you can explore in the River Raid Maps in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla River Raid Maps

River Raids have been introduced to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in the recent patch update.

As the name suggests, during this game mode, you’ll be raiding farms, villages, monasteries, and military encampments.

However, these raids won’t be conducted on the main game maps. Instead, Ubisoft has included a few additional maps in the game for the raids only.

At the moment there are only three maps available for River Raids. Each map has certain locations waiting to be explored.

The raids will get you resources, armor, and weapon. But these raids aren’t that easy so make sure you’re all leveled up and fully prepared.


In case you feel like you can conduct a better raid the second time around, then you’re in luck since the raids can be replayed all over again.

River Exe Map
This is one of the first maps available for conducting a raid, and it has 15 locations that are needed to be explored.

In the River Exe map, you can explore Exe Blockade, Keats Farm, 5 Small Camps, Twynam Farm, Eastern and Western Fortification, Yeardley Farm, Escanceaster Monastery, Village of Simonsbatch, Village of Dumonia, and Fortress on the Exe.

Other than that, you’ll be able to find 2 pieces of St. George Armor.

River Severn Map
This is the second River Raids map available at the moment and it is bigger than the previous map.

This means that instead of 15 locations, you’ll be exploring 18 locations on this map.

Again, you’ll find 2 pieces of St. George Armor during your raid on this map.

In this map, you’ll be exploring Eastern Fortification, Fishing Docks, 5 Small Camps, Llanidloes, Island Camp, Wyther Farm, Smithe Homestead, Severn Blockade, Island Monastery, Lowlands Camp, Caersws, Lewin Homestead, Severn Outpost, and Northern Monastery.

River Dee Map
To unlock this third map, you’ll have to collect 2 River Map clues in the previous maps.

In the River Exe map, you’ll find the clue in Escanceaster Monastery. In the River Severn map, the clue is located in Northern Monastery.

Carrying out Raids on this map will be much more challenging than the previous maps, given that you’ll also have to fight a boss at the end of the map.

However, the boss fight shall reap its rewards given that you win it. You’ll be rewarded with the Sword of Saint George.

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