Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Standing Stones Solutions Guide

In this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Standing Stones Solutions Guide, we’ll be showing you exactly where you can find these mystical artifacts and how you can solve every one of them.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Standing Stones Solutions

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla features a plethora of new side-activities for the player to discover.

Standing Stones are pockets of sacred energy where people can find enlightenment if they know what to look at.


Location. Directly north of the ‘Ledecestrescire’ text on the map, next to the river crossing of Trenta and Tame.

Head West, and make sure the rocks are positioned to your East. Adjust your camera to align the three circles and complete the image.

Lord and Lady

Location. The stone can be found South-West of Walden in Grantebridgescire.

Once you reach the location, make your way South from the set of stones, and onto the adjacent tree. Take position and align your camera to complete the image.


Location. Saehenge can be found in the North-Eastern part of East Anglia.

Position yourself to the West of the landmark, and look to the sky to arrange the image accordingly.

Medeuuage Megaliths

Location. You can find the Medeuuage Megaliths in Cent.

Go North-East from the objective and move around until the image locks in. You might have to go slightly lower down the hill to complete the piece.

Aveberie Megaliths

Location. The Standing Stone can be found in Hamtunscir, directly South-East of Cippanhamm.

To recreate the image on the stone-piece, look at the rocks while using the vantage point right next to the markings. Observe it to complete the Standing Stone.


Location. Stonehenge can be found in Hamtunscir, North-East of Cippanhamm.

Head East from the reading, and you can find the correct marking at the right on the back. You don’t really have to climb onto anything, observing from the ground should be enough.

Devil’s Quoits

Location. The Devil’s Quoits can be found in Glowecaesterseir, directly West of Oxenaford by the riverside.

To form the floral pattern, step over to the riverside, and observe from behind the rock.


Location. Rollendritch can be found in Glowecaesterseir, West of Buckingham.

Head Southward until you can see the image forming in the back from between the two small trees.

Mycel Fold

Location. Mycel Fold can be found in Scrobbescir, West of Wenlocan Abbey.

To complete the given pattern, head North-West up the mound and observe from the top of the waterfall.

Eorthburg Hlaw

Location. Eorthburg Hlaw is located in Snotingahamscir.

Head West from the markings, and break the ice wall. Look behind you to see the image formation.

Rodestan Monolith

Location. It’s located West of Flaneburg Priory in Eoforwicscir.

From the markings, head South and you should see the pattern forming with the rocks increasing in height consecutively.

Aescforda Stones

Location. The Standing Stone can be found South-West of Elmet Monastery in Snotinghamscire.

Continue on East after reading the symbol, and you can spot the marking once you destroy the ice platform blocking your vision.

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