Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Rued Boss Guide

We outline some of Rued’s attacks and give you a clear strategy to follow in order to beat this boss easily in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

This guide will help you with the Rued Boss Battle in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. We outline some of Rued’s attacks and give you a clear strategy to follow in order to beat this boss easily.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Rued Boss

In a cutscene, you come knocking on Rued’s gates to rescue Oswald. However, Rued challenges you to a fight for Oswald.

This leads to you climbing the walls of the fort straight into the battle arena.

Rued’s Attacks

Rued has the following attacks:

  • Rued’s pet wolf aids him in the battle. The wolf will jump and grab you, leaving you open for a free hit from Rued.
  • He also has heavy attacks. His upwards slash can knock you off if it isn’t blocked.
  • Rued has a sideway slash that can be blocked or dodged backward.
  • Once Rued’s wolf dies, he sets his sword on fire and gains new dash attacks. Rued will dash towards you and swing his sword either upwards or sideways. Both of these can be followed by another chained swing. During these attacks, Rued cannot be interrupted by attacking him.
  • Rued’s will throw a burning axe as a ranged attack when you are far away. If you are too close, Rued will hit you with an extremely fast hilt attack.

How to Fight Rued

Make sure to kill the wolf as soon as possible. Its grab attacks, along with its range, can quickly turn the fight against you and can flank you very easily.

Also, since the wolf cannot be blocked, it makes the fight much harder, especially since Rued’s attacks can knock you back.

All of Rued’s attacks can be blocked, even his axe throw, so focus on blocking rather than parrying and dodging. Rued can follow up his attack with another, which can get you if you dodge.

Rued is a damage sponge, taking direct hits does not interrupt his attacks so you need to time your attacks in between his attacks so that you can block him when he swings his sword.

Make sure you stay at a medium-range from Rued. This is because Rued has the ability to heal a part of his health.

For this, Rued will kneel and white glow will surround him. It not interrupted, Rued will regain a part of his health, making the fight longer.

To make the fight easier, you’ll need to make some preparations, i.e., Stock up on fire arrows. These can be obtained from merchants at your settlement.

Rued has two separate stamina bars, depleting one of them stuns him open for a few attacks but does not guarantee a critical hit.

Since Rued’s attacks are fast, parrying is a risky move and should be avoided if you have not gained mastery over it.

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