Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Mastery Challenges Guide

In this guide we cover everything there is to know about mastery challenges in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, including how to unlock them!

The 1.2.2 update of AC Valhalla allows you to take onto more challenges provided that you have met some requirements. These are called the Mastery Challenges! How can you access the Mastery Challenges? What these challenges really are and what will be you be rewarded with? All of this will be answered in our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Mastery Challenges Guide below.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Mastery Challenges

The first-ever quest that you need to play as a Mastery Challenge is “A Challenge from the Gods”. You need to be above level 221 and must have completed the Uninvited Guests Main Story. Having met both these requirements, the door to Mastery Challenges will open in from of ‘’A Challenge from the God’’ quest.

Now you need to go to Ravensthorpe Settlement, at the spawn location cross the bridge and stay on the path on the east of the area where you will find the quest marker. Interact with it to speak with a woman who briefs you about the mysterious door.

As the Cutscene ends, you will be in a new building where you have to fight with Hildiran after she tells you about the Shrine of Freyja.  You need to finish the fight trigger another much more difficult boss battle after which you will the item that unlocks Freyja Shrines.

Now you need to prove your worth by scoring well at the three Trials that you can choose from once you are in Scriopescire. Activate the Shrine using the Medallion Hildiran gave you. Successfully complete the three trials namely:

  • Bear: This tests your combat skills; you will have to finish of the 4 targets and fulfil objective requirements
  • Wolf: Here you will be required to finish all the guards in the trial area and stay alive. Your ranged attacks are tested well!
  • Raven: You need to stay anonymous, steal all the artifacts undetected and do stealth assassination

The gear and equipment that you use for the trials are already selected for you. You just need to at least get a bronze medal if you expect rewards from Hilidran.

Mastery Shop

After the quests are completed, you will be given two special kinds of currencies; Battle Energy and Mastery Energy, these depends on how well you performed and what medals did you earn.

You can then meet Hildiran again where you can Shop for the Mastery Challenges. Spend your currency and buy whatever Hildiran has to offer.

The various items that you can shop from Hildiran include Gear, Settlement Cosmetics and Tattoo Cosmetics. The name of the items and their respective cost is mentioned below:


Dokkalfar’s Revenge: This is a dagger that can be obtained for 15 Mastery Energy. It boasts impressive damage but health is lost while hitting.

Icy Death:This is a bow that can be bought for 15 Mastery Energy. It makes your crits hit harder!

Ljosalfar’s Glory:Another dagger for which 15 Mastery Energy is required to purchase. With this dagger you gain health on a successful combo finisher

Sutr’s Mercy:An impressive flail that costs 15 Mastery Energy.

Thyrm’s Rage: The other bow at the shop, its cost is 15 Mastery Energy

Brokkr’s Pride: An axe that can be bought for 15 Mastery Energy

Settlement Cosmetics

Valkyrie’s Valor Statue: This will cost you 30 Battle Energy

Tundra Tree: This nifty cosmetic can be bought for 100 Battle Energy

Enemies’ Shield: A Trophy that requires 30 Battle Energy

Blue Fire Brazier: Comes for the price of 30 Battle Energy

Blue Lantern Tree: Another tree that can be purchased for 30 Battle Energy

Tattoo Cosmetics

The Tattoo Cosmetic that you get are Odin’s Wondering eye that you can have tatted on Front Torso. Back Torso, Head and Both Arms. Each Tattoo will cost 50 Battle Energy.

Hildriran’s Vault

Hildrian mentions a vault at the settlement. This mysterious vault can actually be unlocked if you have the required medallions (9 Silver and 15 Bronze Medallions). When you have the medallions, you can go inside the vault to find Odin’s Eye! This is a mysterious artifact that will be used later in the game. Until then, you are tasked with getting 15 gold Medallions.