Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Legendary Animal Locations Guide

In order to find the legendary animals that you can hunt in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, go through this guide we prepared to help you out.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla lets you experience exciting Viking adventures in a rich Nordic environment. Hunting has been one of the primary survival skills for the Vikings and in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, hunting legendary animals will bring you some exciting rewards.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Legendary Animal Locations

You will need to hunt down the legendary animals and deliver their pelts to receive the rewards and hunting trophies in the longhouse.

In order to find the legendary animals that you can hunt in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, go through this guide thoroughly as we have disclosed the locations, hunting techniques and respective rewards for hunting each animal.

Locations and Tips

Legendary Black Shuck
Black Shuck is a hound waiting for you in England, East Anglia. You can locate it on your map, in England.

Upon fast traveling to the area, you will see the beast feasting on a dead animal. Make sure you keep your safe distance and attack from it from behind.

When its health bar is in the last compartment, he will just be limping and trying to avoid you. Finish it off and obtain its Head, Ration and Leather.

Legendary The Corpse’s Feeder
Next up is the Corpse’s Feeder, a gigantic wolf hungry for the dead. This legendary animal is in Perie. Approach the animal and use your bow to hurt it till its health bar depletes.

There will be three of them here. Your best strategy is to use arrows! You will get the Dead Hound’s head, ration and some leather as rewards.

Legendary Beast of the Hills
Go to the Uriconium Ruins to find this beast. Go along the pathway into the area and follow the marker.

You will need to slide under the small opening in the wall to find the Bear on the order side. Once again, use your arrows and stay away from its huge paws.

A few hits with your axe will do the job. You will get his head and leather along with ration.

Legendary Gemad-Wulf
This beast is waiting for you in Lincolnscire. Upon fast traveling, reach the location and drop down in the area where there is some water on the ground.

This one runs very fast, so make sure you dodge it when it charges at you.

Always hit it from the back when it’s not expecting it and this way, you will be able to defeat it.

Legendary The Blood Swine
To slay this beast, you will need to go to the Beast Swamp in Eurvicscire. This boar is quite tricky as he charges at you from the bushes and you wouldn’t be expecting it.

Stay alert and listen to the bush rattling sounds to know where he exactly is. Stay away from its long teeth and attack it from the back.

Legendary Alfred Battle-Sow
This beast of a Bull can be found on Tuicca’s Farm. Once again, just stay out of its way when it barges at you.

Use your arrows from a distance and bring this beast down.

This one might not be that easy as his companions also come to his rescue but don’t worry; if you focus on the beast itself, things will be easy.

Legendary Wildcats of Weald
Wild Cats of Weald can be found in Hamtuscire. There will be two of them here.

When you attack one, the other one always attacks you from the back. You can avoid this by using your arrows, so your back stays protected.

Legendary Elk of Bloody Peaks
This Elk with huge antlers, capable of killing you quite easily, is resting in the snow-covered peaks of Rygjafylke.

Fast travel to this area and find the beast by following the marker. You need to absolutely avoid his antlers if you want to successfully hunt it down.

Use the arrow when you can and then finish it off with your main weapon, but always attack from the back.  Obtain your rewards and head on to the next.

Legendary Bear of Blue Waters
This deadly Bear can be killed in Hordafylke. Fast travel to this place. Among the snowy stone ground, you will find this beast nesting on an island.

Approach with caution, attack it on its back and wait for it to turn and attack you, avoid and repeat. You need to stay close to this one, as avoiding his barging attacks is not so easy.

Legendary Yan Do Ne
This beast can be easily found in Vinland. Luckily he doesn’t run very fast and is quite easy to avoid when it is running towards you.

Like every other beast, use an arrow, hit with your primary weapon, and always stay out of the antler’s reach. Once you slay down the beast, obtain the leather and ration.

Once all the legendary animals have been hunted and defeated, you will obtain the Master Hunter trophy.