Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Legacy of Saint George Walkthrough

The Legacy of Saint George is one of the quests added to AC Valhalla with the newly introduced River raid mode in a recent update. In this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Legacy of Saint George walkthrough, we’ll tell you how you can easily complete The Legacy of Saint George quest.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Legacy of Saint George

To complete this quest, you need to find two river map clues during two different raids and get them back to your settlement.

First River Map Clue
The first river map clue will be in the River Severn. Locating the clue itself is not that difficult and is very similar to locating the River Raid Key and you only have to use the Odin Sight. Get to the river severn region, go to the north side, and get to a monastery.

You will encounter many enemies inside the monastery. However, it is not about killing those enemies or clearing the monastery, but rather using Odin Sight to locate a piece of white-colored paper.

Just get to the large church and look to the west; there will be a bared door here. Shoot through it to break its barring and open it. The clue will be on the desk when you go through the newly opened door.

Second River Map Clue
You will find this river map clue in the middle area of the map towards the River Exe’s eastern side. It is basically in the Escanceaster Monastery. Simply go to the monastery when you raid the place by ignoring all the enemies coming at you.

Use the Odin Sight to find the clue piece on the monastery’s left side, inside a church on a table in the southwest corner. Interact with the piece of paper and that is basically it.

Now that you have gathered all two of the river map clues required to complete the quest, you can get both of these clues back to the settlement and give them to Vagn. This will get you through a cutscene and you will get to know about River Dee and it will be unlocked on River Raid Map.

This will mark the end of The Legacy of Saint George Quest in AC Valhalla.