Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Evresin Opal Locations Guide

In this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Evresin Opal Locations guide, we will be helping you pinpoint all the Opal Locations in Evresin, a new location that came with the latest Siege of Paris DLC in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Evresin Opal Locations

Opals are the special currency of AC Valhalla that lets you buy different items such as cosmetics for your base from Reda and other vendors.

Opals can neither be bought nor sold. You can only acquire them through exploration. That is why it is very helpful to know the exact location of each Opal in different regions of AC Valhalla.

In this guide, we will be focusing on Evresin, a region that is part of Francia, which was added to AC Valhalla with the Siege of Paris DLC. There are 39 Opals in Evresin, and we’ll be helping you uncover all of those.

Evresin Opal #1

The first Opal is located near the river bank, where the river splits into multiple streams. This Opal is located inside a destroyed hut.

Evresin Opal #2

The second Opal is also nearby. You have to look near a wooden structure just a few meters apart from the destroyed hut.

Evresin Opal #3

The third Opal is located just across the river, under a grave decorated with roses. This grave can be located if you follow the road.

Evresin Opal #4

The fourth Opal is also located on the same road. Keep following the road until you encounter another grave that has an opal under it.

Evresin Opal #5

The fifth Opal can be found east of here, inside an enemy camp. Look around the tables on the left side of the camp to locate the Opal.

Evresin Opal #6

The next one is located underground. You can reach it by dropping down above the opal symbol and collecting it from inside the cave.

Opal #7

The seventh Opal can be found at the top of a tower nearby. You have to climb the tower from the interior and pick the Opal once you reach the top.

Opal #8

Go inside the hut on the outskirts of Evreux and kill the rats to clear the room. Then you can easily collect the eighth Opal from the table.

Opal #9

The ninth Opal is located in the forest nearby. There is a shrine in the forest that contains the Opal. This area is infested with rats, so be careful as you approach.

Opal #10

Exit the forest and head east until you spot a large house. The 10th Opal is located inside the house. There are a few other collectibles inside that house as well.

Opal #11

The eleventh Opal can be located near the river, on the left side. It is inside a bucket near the bridge.

Opal #12

Go across the river towards Durocas and then take a left. The twelfth Opal can be located near the outskirts. It is sitting on top of a drum outside a house.

Opal #13

The next Opal is on the other side of the same area. You can find it inside the house with the staircase.

Opal #14

Go across the river again and look for a bunch of stones near the bank towards the south side. The fourteenth Opal can be located there.

Opal #15

This next one can be located at the wood cutting site in Evresin. It is on the left side of the region.

Opal #16

Swim towards the turbines near Aquila to find the sixteenth Opal sitting on top of a stone.

Opal #17

Go to Aquila and head towards the graveyard in the upper area of the town. You can find the next Opal on one of the graves.

Opal #18

Go to the ruins just outside Aquila and grab the eighteenth Opal from one of the destroyed pillars.

Opal #19

This one is located in the open fields behind Aquila. It is next to a dead animal’s skull.

Opal #20

Head towards the forest behind Aquila and find the twentieth Opal on top of a big boulder.

Opal #21

The next Opal is located deep inside the same forest. You can find it next to a pot, near a patch of red flowers.

Opal #22

The next Opal can be located inside a fort, in the middle of this forest. Search towards the left side as you go inside the fort, and you should be able to spot it.

Opal #23

The twenty-third Opal is on the outskirts of this forest. You can spot a dead dear on the right edge of the forest. That’s where the Opal is.

Opal #24

This next one is located on the left side of the region. Go to the viewpoint on the left-most side of the region and collect this Opal from one of the destroyed pillars near the viewpoint.

Opal #25

There is a graveyard in the same area, which contains the twenty-fifth Opal. It is sitting on one of the most prominent graves with a large tombstone.

Opal #26

Stay on the left side and go where the river divides into two streams. The next Opal can be picked up from the ruins in that area.

Opal #27

Follow the road and go east from Arlonis forest until you come across a grave on the left side. The Opal is resting on top of it.

Opal #28

Go towards the water body in the area and collect the first Opal you come across near the bank of the river.

Opal #29

The twenty-ninth Opal is also in the same area, a few meters towards the north of the previous one.

Opal #30

The next Opal can be picked up from the other side of the same water body. It is placed right on top of a large stone.

Opal #31

Go to the corner of this area until you reach the very edge, and then pick up the next Opal near a pair of rocks.

Opal #32

This Opal can be located near Charles Forward Camp, right next to Arlonis Forest. It is resting inside the big red tent.

Opal #33

Go further right until you reach some ruins. There will be a campfire in the middle, and the Opal is right next to it.

Opal #34

The thirty-fourth opal is on your left. Start walking towards the next forest, and you’ll eventually come across a burnt man holding the Opal in his hands. Well, he won’t be needing it any longer.

Opal #35

There’s a pond close by. Go there and collect the Opal from the rocks. This completes all of the opals in this area.

Opal #36

Now, head upwards until you reach the river bend and then pick up the next Opal near a fishing camp.

Opal #37

Move along the same riverbank, and you will soon reach the next Opal. It is next to a rotten archer’s body.

Opal #38

Now make your way towards the small forest on your right because the next Opal is right there. It is right next to a bunch of stacked stones.

Opal #39

The last Opal of the Evresin region can be located near Pont-de-l Arche. You can climb on top of the castle walls and pick it up near one of the arched walkways.

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