Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Best Armor Guide

In this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Best Armor guide, we have explained everything there is to know about Best Armors in AC Valhalla.

In this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Best Armor guide, we have explained everything there is to know about Best Armors in AC Valhalla.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Best Armor

In Assassins Creed Valhalla there are many different types of Armor sets present and each of them provide different types of buffs to your stats.

The Armor system in AC Valhalla quite simple and there are several armor sets for different type of playstyles.

How Armors work in AC Valhalla

In AC Valhalla, an Armor set provides boost to different stats which will benefit one of the three playstyles.

The three playstyles in Valhalla are melee, stealth and archery and each armor set provides some special affinity boost to the playstyle.

In AC Valhalla, the Raven armor set provides stealth bonuses, Wolf armor set provides bonuses to archery stats while the Bear armor best suits the melee stats.

However, the bonuses that each armor set provide only come in to effect if you have equipped all the pieces of that armor set.

How to upgrade Armor

The best Armor in AC Valhalla really depends upon what playstyle you are going with. The armor set that you choose can then be upgraded to a really high level.

Armor sets require high level crafting resources which include nickel, tungsten and carbide ingots as well as leather and iron ore.

Once you have the required resources to upgrade an armor piece, you can buff up the stats of each piece individually which also provides an extra stat boost slot for new runes.

Where to find upgrade resources

The rare upgrade materials like Tungsten, Nickel and Carbide ingots can be found in high wealth areas around the map.

They will appear as node of light shaped as mini gold bars on the map when you are near them.

Collecting many of the ingots will require you to defeat enemies or solve some types of puzzles.

On the other hand, iron ore can be found commonly by looting different places while leather can be obtained through hunting.

Ore and Leather can also be bought from merchants if you have enough gold on you.

Best Armor Sets in AC Valhalla

Below we have listed the best armor sets present in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.

Thor Armor Set

Check out Thor Armor guide for details on how to obtain the complete Thor Armor set.

Hidden Ones Armor Set

Check out Hidden Ones Armor guide for details on how to obtain the complete Hidden Armor set.

Raven Clan Armor Set

The Raven Clan Armor set is obtained as rewards throughout the start of the main story. However, the helmet of the Raven Armor set is obtained in Norway from a side quest.

Hunstman Armor Set

This Armor set provides buff to ranged stats. The full stat provides a speed boost and damage is increased if your target enemy is 20+ meters away.

The Huntsman Armor Set has the following pieces. This Armor set is scattered throughout England.

Hunstman Helmet
North West of Tonnastadir in the Ledecestrescire region. You will need to get the key from the longhouse and then use the key to unlock the door in the secret passage.

Inside the passage, you will get the Huntsman Helm.

Huntsman Cloak
This is located North West of Templebrough Fort in the watchtower. Head inside the watchtower where you will see a block hanging from hooks.

Shoot the hooks to make the block fall which will create a hole in the ground. Jump down the hole to get the Huntsman Cloak.

Huntsman Vambraces
This is located North-west of Besumcen Tor in Grantebridgescire region. You will find this during the World event ‘Skal to your Wealth’.

During the event, you will find yourself in a pit where they can be found.

Huntsman Armor Plate
This is present in a building in Ravensburg, Grantebridgescire region.

Huntsman Breeches
This is present in a hut in the Soham Hideout region.

Magister’s Armor Set

The Magister Armor Set is scattered around the Oxenfordscire and East Agnlia region.

Magister’s Clock
West of Serpent’s Landing in East Anglia region. Pick up the key from the red tent in the area to loot the chest that contains the Magister’s Cloak.

Magister’s Helm
Raid King’s Bury in East Anglia and you will find the Magister’s Mask as loot inside the main church.

Magister’s Pants
This is located North of Oxeneforda in Oxenefordscire region. To find them, head to the church in the area and neutralize the guards.

Then shoot the glass window in the middle of the church and then scale up to climb and enter the church.

Then move the big stone to obtain the key. Go out ahead from the window and then climb up to the hatch to spot the chest containing the Pants.

Magister’s Bracers
This is located in Buckingham in Oxenefordscire region. When you reach the church there, find the key using Odin’s key and then enter inside the church using the key.

There will be a ladder that you can shoot down to climb and obtain the Bracers.

Magister’s Tunic
This is located in the Garrison North East of Oxenforda. Head to the villa and gain access through the fire pots to get inside.

Head inside to collect the Tunics.

Galloglach Armor Set

The Galloglach armor set is present in different places in England.

Galloglach Helmet
This is located East of Walden in Essexe region. It is present in a fort and in order to get the helmet, you will have to blow up the wall of the fort to get the chest containing the helmet.

Brigandine Armor Set

Brigandine Cape
This is located North West of Quatford. Blow open the weak wall at the map point to get the cape.

Brigandine Helm
This is located East of Hill Gate Remnants in Sciropescire region. It can be found during a story mission, but if you miss it, you can head back again to get it.

Use Odin vision to spot the chest and move it to get the Helm.

Brigandine Gloves
This is located East of Tonbridge Monastery in Cent Region.

The gloves are in a chest which can be spotted easily at the location using Odin vision.

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