Assassin’s Creed: Unity Café Theatre Missions Guide

In Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Café Theatre missions on Ile Saint-Louis becomes accessible during Sequence #3. By completing Café Theatre missions, you’ll not only acquire a hideout for Arno, but also a regular source of financial gain.

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Assassin’s Creed: Unity Café Theatre Missions

You can start Café Theatre missions during Sequence #3, but it’s recommended to hold back until you’ve acquired Phantom Blades and Berserker Blades to make them a little easier.

Read on for a brief walkthrough off all Café Theatre missions in Assassin’s Creed: Unity.


After accepting the mission, start off by killing the guard nearest to your location. Make sure not to create a scene and drop him as soon as he faces other direction and grab the manuscript.

Blend in the crowd and kill the Extremist nearest to your initial location. After that, travel to the other side of the plaza and hide in the hay cart.

Wait until another Extremist gets near your position and assassinate him from the hay cart. After acquiring all manuscripts, you can either kill the remaining enemies or leave the area to complete the mission.



After accepting the mission, head towards the north side of Ventre de Paris and your target will flee after a cut-scene. Chase your target and assassinate him.

After assassinating your target, you’ll have to rescue Colette. To do so, head towards the waypoint on the west side and reach the small balcony on the south side.

At this point, you’ll face two Extremists; you can either assassinate them or go past them while they’re facing away to reach Colette. Assassinate the Watcher and speak with her followed by escaping the area to complete the mission.

Damsel in Seamstress

For the first part of the mission, you can rescue Rose in a number of ways. You can be aggressive and assassinate the two Extremists, but with this approach you’ll alert a couple of other enemies nearby.

It’s better to get on the rooftop overlooking rooftop and either double-assassinate them or use your Phantom Blade followed by speaking with Rose.

To retrieve the first costume, reach the northwest area from its northeast corner and perform an aerial-assassination on the Watcher on balcony.

Use your Phantom Blades to drop the Extremists on both sides and use Stealth Mode to open up the chest. Next, head towards the restricted area on the northeast side from its southern side.

Assassinate the Watcher on the rooftop and locate the chest in the courtyard below. Use your Phantom Blades to assassinate three Extremists followed by opening up the chest below.

Head towards the final restricted area from rooftops on its north side and perform a leap of faith into the hay cart below. Wait there until an Extremist passes by and stealth-assassinate him from there.

The couple of remaining enemies are no real threat and you can deal with in any way you want – retrieve the last costume and leave the area to complete the mission.


The Queen’s Necklace

The Extremist from whom you need to steal the necklace is well-guarded. After getting in position, hit the defender with a Berserker Blade. To make it even easier, try and hit Brute or the Seeker as well.

Keep an eye out on the engagements and use your Phantom Blades on the remaining targets to complete this without any hassle.


Foxy Renard

Similar to the previous mission, the priest from whom you need to steal is well-guarded in a restricted zone. Start off by climbing the rooftop on the west side of the restricted area.

Use Eagle Vision to identify your target and perform a leap of faith into the hay cart down the street before the priest and his guards reach that point.

As soon as your target comes near, assassinate him and escape to your contractor on the south side. Get to the observation point and find Renard’s hideout in the north side.

Note: It’s better to loot priest’s dead body to find Renard’s location without investigation.

Reach Renard’s location from the rooftop and assassinate the defender at the uppermost floor. Use Eagle Vision to identify Renard who will be well-guarded.

The best way to assassinate Renard is to lure him towards the ladder by tossing a Cherry Bomb at the trap door and assassinate him with a Phantom Blade.

Once you have assassinated your target, leave the highlighted area to complete this mission.


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