Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Dreadful Crimes ‘The Case of Conflicted Courtship Guide

Dreadful Crimes are a special set of investigative side-quests in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate that require you to carry out classic murder investigations by acquiring clues and arriving to a final suspect. his guide is the second in a series of guides that solve the various Dreadful Crimes.

Note: All clues should be investigated with Eagle Vision. This guide is filled with SPOILERS, so be warned.

The Case of the Conflicted Courtship

The following are the rewards of this investigation:

£: 1500 (Max)
XP: 850 (Max)

The City of London
This murder takes place in City of London. You’ll meet Artie and Henry Raymond at the entrance to the large hotel in the city. It’s a perplexing murder of a woman in a public park.

The starting investigation area is the park itself. You’ll have 4 Clues to work with initially.

  • Prudence Browne – Prudence, the lady who was murdered, lies on the ground by a tree in the southeastern corner of the park. Inspect the body to observe wounds of a left-handed attacker.
  • Packet – There is a packet near the body that can be found using Eagle Vision. This contains a powdered medication that is stamped with ‘Dr. Trevor Alton’ and the address.
  • Handbag – Check behind the tree where the body lies to find a diary. You’ll find an address from it.
  • Knife – You’ll find the knife near the park’s exit where a policeman is holding off a gathering crowd. It’s the murder weapon, and is placed on a curb.

Finding these four clues opens up 2 Investigation Zones on the map.

Head to Gilbert’s House first. Here, you’ll find 1 Clue.

  • Letter from Prudence – You can find this letter located behind a bookcase on the second floor of the house. Read it to get some information and an additional Investigation Zone.

Finding this clue will result in 1 Suspect.

  • Gilbert Higgins – Speak to Gilbert, who is standing on the first floor of his house. Talk to him about Prudence.

Now, head to Dr. Alton’s Office. When you go to the doctor’s office, you’ll have 5 Clues to explore here.

  • Doctor’s Note – You can find this note on the desk. Read it to figure out that it’s written by a right-handed person.
  • Prudence’s Medical File – This file is located on the desk to the left as soon as you enter the second floor office. You’ll deduce that it is right-handed writing after reading it.
  • Shelby’s Medical File – This file is located on a small table in the back of the same office where you find Prudence’s Medical File. This gives you some insight about the medication that was being given. It was right-handed writing.
  • Personal Note – This note is located on a small side-table to the left of the back-office on the third floor.
  • Baxter’s Medical File – You’ll find this in the same third floor as the Personal Note, on the northern side of the room.

With these five clues acquired, you’ll have 3 Suspects.

  • Trevor Alton – Speak to Dr. Alton in the third floor. Talk to him about the Medicine, Prudence, and the treatment. You should also notice the cut on his cheek. He also seems to be lying about the packet.
  • Shelby – Talk to Mr. Shelby on the first floor in a room off the lobby, near the front desk. Talk about Prudence and the treatment with him.
  • Claire Knight – Claire is on the first floor as well. Speak to her about Prudence, Alton’s cut on the cheek, Baxter, and the park meeting.

Now, head to Prudence’s House. Here, you will have 2 Clues.

  • Unsent Letter to Dr. Alton – This letter is located on the third floor of the victim’s house. Use an open third-floor window on the north side of the house to enter this room. You’ll find out about an unprofessional relationship between Prudence and the doctor.
  • Prudence’s Diary – You can find Prudence’s Diary in the hallway outside the room where you found the letter.

At this point, you’ll have 1 Suspect.

  • Lulu – Speak to Lulu outside in front of Prudence’s house after collecting all the clues. Talk to her about Prudence and Baxter.

Talking to Lulu will unlock the final Investigation Zone, which is Baxter’s House. There are 7 Clues to be found here.

  • Scattered Papers – Enter the house through the second-floor window above his front. There are five clues in this office you enter. Read them all to deduce a set of papers being written by a left-handed person. Read all five of the scattered papers.
  • Paper Packets – These paper packets are located on the hallway floor outside the office with the five scattered papers. They have powder residue on them.
  • Knives – The knives are located on a table in the same hallway. They seem to be very identical to the one found at the crime scene.

You now have 1 Suspect, who you should accuse. Head to Dr. Alton’s clinic and talk to him about the cut on his cheek. You should then accuse him. It turns out that Baxter is a second personality of Dr. Trevor Alton.

The police will take him away, and Doyle will congratulate you on solving the murder.

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