Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Dreadful Crimes ‘A Simple Matter of Murder’ Guide

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Dreadful Crimes guide to solve A Simple Matter of Murder.

Dreadful Crimes are a special set of investigative side-quests in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate that require you to carry out classic murder investigations by acquiring clues and arriving to a final suspect.

Note: All clues should be investigated with Eagle Vision. This guide is bound to contain SPOILERS, so be warned.

A Simple Matter of Murder!

The reward for this investigation are:

£: 1000 (Max)
XP: 800 (Max)
Cape: Country Cloak

North Whitechapel
The start of this investigation is with you meeting Doyle and author Henry Raymond. You’ll need to follow them (first objective) to the factory where the crime scene is.

You now need to talk to the fellow called Mr. Freems. You have choices to talk about the workers and the body. Talk about both.

The next objective is to inspect the body. There are 3 Clues here that you need to discover:

  • Wilkin’s Body – This is the first clue. You’ll need to inspect the body on the ground. Stand over it and inspect it. Notice the bandana on the face and the stab wound in the chest.
  • Warehouse Letter – There’s a kid called Dooley here. Next to him is a set of barrels. Check behind them near the corner wall for this letter, and read it.
  • Warehouse Knife – Dooley’s brother, Buck, is nearby, and to his left is a knife that has initials ‘D’ scratched in the handle. Observe the knife to bring up three possible suspects.

Once you have found all three clues, you should have drawn out a few suspects. There are 3 Suspects right now: Dooley, his brother Buck, and Mr. Freems.

  • Dooley – Speak to Dooley about Buck and the Body. He’ll tell you his version of how he got the knife.
  • Buck – Talk to Buck about Dooley, the Body, and the Knife you found. Buck will provide some additional information on the case.
  • Freems – Talk to Mr. Freems again about everything you can again.

Now that you’ve talked to all three suspects, it’s time to make an Accusation. Sadly, you don’t have enough evidence to come up with anything concrete, so the accusation is going to be false. The best person to accuse right now, in order to get more clues, is Dooley.

Falsely accusing Dooley unlocks a larger investigation zone. Now, you have 2 Clues that you can collect to get closer to solving this murder.

  • Warehouse Large Footprint – Use your Eagle vision and spot labels around Wilkin’s dead body. You’ll notice a large footprint near the victim’s head. Investigate it.
  • Warehouse Medium Footprint – Investigate a medium-sized footprint slightly away from the victim’s feet. Follow these footprints into the Coal Yard.

As you follow the footprints, you’ll come across a bloke called Taylor. He is your sole Suspect at the moment.

Talk to Taylor about the footprints and the bandana on the victim’s face. You’ll learn some valuable information about the bandana.

After speaking to Taylor, you’ve unlocked 2 Clues.

  • Brewery Cigarettes – Head to the Brewery and find the cigarette on the porch. Observe the cigarette brand
  • Brewary Large Footprint – You’ll notice next to the cigarette butts that there is a large footprint, similar to the one next to the body.

Once you’ve found these two clues, you’ll need to talk to 3 Suspects again.

  • Freems – Talk to Mr. Freems again, this time about the Bandana.
  • Taylor – Talk to Taylor about the cigarette butts in the brewery.
  • Morris – Talk to Morris, who is standing at the brewery entrance. Discuss both the bandana and the cigarettes with him.

With these conversations, you’ve unlocked 1 Clue.

  • Head north to the Loading Area to find some cigarette butts on the ground.

The Final Suspect is standing right next to the cigarette clue in the Loading Area. His name is Coulton, the same guy referenced in the Warehouse Letter. Talk to him about the bandana and the cigarette.

After talking to him, it’s obvious that he’s the murderer. Accuse him, and the cops will arrive to haul him off. You’ll receive a detailed overview of the events that took place up to the murder.

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