Assassin’s Creed Rogue Legendary Ships Battle Guide – Tips and Strategy

Assassin's Creed Rogue Legendary Ships battle strategy and tips to destroy them!

Just like in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, there are a total of four legendary battles in each corner of the North Atlantic in Assassin’s Creed Rogue.

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Assassin’s Creed Rogue Legendary Ships Battle Strategy

As can be expected from such battles, players need to have their ship, Morrigan upgraded with all the upgrades available for improved armor, damage and ammo count since they are the key to survival.

Once a player has completed all four battles, they will be rewarded with the Templar Master outfit.

Pirates of a Lost Age
This battle occurs in the northwestern part of the North Atlantic and is triggered as soon as players enter the area.

The fight is between the player’s fleet which comprises of their ship as well as a few allied ones against some weak enemy ships and two legendaries – the Cauldron and the Pilgrim.

The best way to win this fight is to take out the smaller ships early in the fight so that players have more maneuvering space and don’t have to worry about damage from a lot of sides.

Once they are all destroyed, players should focus on the big ones. When fighting the legendary ships, players should be careful not to fully destroy one of them since that will force the other to fight the players with more ferocity.

Using the mortar is really helpful here since it deals massive damage and can be used to target both ships at once. Players should make sure to fire their weapons as soon as they finish reloading.

With both ships on the verge of being destroyed, players should focus their firepower on one of them to finish it off quickly. Since the other ship is also heavily damaged, it won’t be able to survive for long even if it starts attacking Shay’s fleet with increased ferocity.

The Battle of Labrador
The fight is pretty easy early on which means players shouldn’t waste their Heavy Shot ammo or Mortars on the weak French ships. These can be easily destroyed with the basic attacks.

The fight heats up in the second wave (before which there is warning) when the legendary ship Couronne, and its accompanying fleet arrive.

Players should try to heavily damage the entire fleet when it’s close together; mortars are really useful here as they can damage multiple ships with one shot if aimed properly.

Once the fleet has been weakened, players should shift their entire focus towards Couronne. This is probably the weakest legendary ship making it a pretty easy battle.

Firing heavy shot at the back to the ship deals massive damage. Frequent use of mortars and heavy shot should end up destroying the ship in no time.

The Battle of Quiberon Bay
This is somewhat challenging battle since not only is the legendary ship pretty tough, its supporting fleet is also highly capable. The small ships block the path and obscure line of sight to the legendary one.

Cannons and Puckle guns can be quite effective against them as they approach the Morrigan. Players should constantly keep an eye on their mini map so they don’t get surprised by some ship flanking them.

Throughout the fight, players should constantly use their mortar to damage the legendary ship, The Formidable.

While the ship doesn’t have a lot of armor so mortars can deal massive damage to it, it does possess enough deadly firepower to annihilate the players if they go toe to toe against it.

The Formidable’s broadside cannons are way more deadly than Morrigan’s so players should never get alongside it and keep attacking from range using mortars.

The Storm Fortress
This is the toughest legendary battle in game where players have to fight three legendary ships, each of them extremely deadly and can singlehandedly destroy the Morrigan if players don’t have all the upgrades or aren’t very good at naval battles.

The Storm Fortress, the main legendary ship is a far superior ship in all aspects, whether it is armor, number of cannons or crew size. The other two ships join it later in the fight though.

The ship’s side armor is almost impenetrable so players should never attempt a broadside battle with it. Their best strategy is to always stay on the move and keep attack the back of the ship.

Storm Fortress is equipped with flaming mortars, which not only deal massive damage upon impact but also leave the water burning for a while.

Instead of looking for the mortar circles to appear on the water, players should observe the Storm Fortress and as soon as it fires the mortar, the need to decrease speed and move towards the legendary ship to get out of damaging area.

That, however, puts them in range of the ship’s guns which are also extremely deadly.

As soon as the mortar fire has passed, players need to turn away from Storm Fortress and use ramming speed to escape the range. This requires a lot of practice however.

Once the ship’s back side is towards the Morrigan, players should dish out all the damage they can muster and be ready to get out of the way when the ship turns.

When the Storm Fortress reaches low health, the other two legendary ships; The Argonaut and The Sceptre join the fight. While they are weak compared to Storm Fortress, players aren’t left with a lot of ammunition, by the time they appear.

Even at this stage the main focus should be to destroy Storm Fortress. Once it is dead, players can focus their attacks on the other two while staying at range and avoiding broadside attacks as much as possible.

The main priority at this stage should be safety of the Morrigan no matter how long it takes to destroy the other ships. As long as players stay mobile, they should be able to destroy these two after a while.

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